How Many Ways Can Your Child Use a Tongue Depressor?

Tongue depressors used to make me gag! ( In the doctor’s office.)

Then one day a brillant teacher discovered that tongue depressors can be used for fun: like scooping out school paste on paper.

And now uses for a tongue depressor can be limitless. Colorful sticks like these are in some of my sensory play kits. Want a sneak peek of the kits?

How many ways can achild use a tongue depressors- besides "stick out your rongue and say 'ahh'!?

How many ways can a child use a tongue depressors- besides “Stick out your tongue and say ‘ahh!”?


Please help us out with your brillaint ideas, in the comments below, by adding a use or 2 that tongue depressors are useful for.

I’ll start:

  1. A train track.
  2. house
  3. box
  4. triangle
  5. ___________




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