Farm Sensory Play Boxes for Kids from Heart Felt Play Store

Farm animals are so much fun to learn about. I love to gather farm animals for sensory play boxes and busy bags.

Those of us who are interested in stimulating the minds of young children, like me, the No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store collections will keep kids focused on learning while having fun.

Sensory Play with oam farm animal stickers on a craft stick. 4 year old stands up sticks in a re-purposed styrofoam sheet. then store in a cardboard barn treat box. #SesnoryPlay #farm

Sensory Play with foam farm animal stickers on a craft stick. 4 year old stands up sticks in a re-purposed styrofoam sheet. then store in a cardboard barn treat box. #SesnoryPlay #farm


Why Sensory Play is important to a child’s learning experience?

Simply stated, the more senses used when learning new skills the more likely it is to retain the information.

It would be ideal if every child could pet a goat or milk a cow when learnng about farm animals. Hopefully all children could visit a farm. But, when they can’t we have wonderful books to read; fun songs to sings and different texutures of puppets-like in the sensory play box- to pretend with.

What is in a Farm Animal Sensory Play Box or Busy Bag?

  • Each sensory play box or busy bag collection at Heart Felt Play store created by the No Non-cents Nanna, author of this blog.
  • Each box or bag will vary some what from all of the other boxes depending of what products we have in stock. Our limited nventory changes often.
  • Below is a sample of the contents. You can do something like this, too.
  •  Packed full of things to interest the kids ages 3 to 7.
  • WARNING: Not for children under age 3. Choking hazards. You may make special requests for the younger children:not shown.

Check Heart Felt Play Store Pinterest Board with over 400 On the Farm theme inspirations.


Home crafted farm theme sensory play box. Craft sticks; farm stickers, felt, feathers.


New Farm Animal Collections at Heart Felt Play Store:

Updated: July 2018

Life cycle of the chicken re-usable stickers sheet

What’s a farm without wooland critters like raccoons; foxes or skunks?

Add these wild life stuffed animals to a busy bag witha few snacks like nuts or granola: a few stickers, paper and crayons.


woodland critters each with a name tag. Raccoon, , Skunk, Fox. 3 1/2″

Every Farm needs a horse; pig and a cow don’t you think?

Cuddling small stuffed animals in a varity of colors are very satisifying to a child’s senses.

For a busy bag add stuffed animals; farm shape stickers; a few mini galvanized buckets filled a trail mix snack; and a few favorite books about farm animals.

Barnyard Country Critter Set of 3
Set of 3 small stuffed animals. Each cuddly country critter starter set is 3 1/2″ polyester stuffed is named on the attached gift tag.
Perfect size for small gift bag or to stuff in holiday Christmas stocking. Keep this unique set intact or surprise a party guest with one third of the set. 


Foam Farm Stickers: pig, tractor, barn, farmer, dog, horse, chick, cat, farm girl, cow; 2 of each-large and small

Foam Farm Stickers: pig, tractor, barn, farmer, dog, horse, chick, cat, farm girl, cow; 2 of each-large and small

It takes effort to collect all these sensory play things. That is why No Non-cents Nanna collect all these fun toys for you to add to your own Sensory Play Boxes or busy bags.

Get a taste of our on the Farm Collection:

Click HERE to Explore Heart Felt Play Store on the Farm Collection. Note: the prices include all shipping an handling fees.

Where can I get just one or 3 pig noses or dog ears and nose for a play? Have you visited heart Felt Play Store on-line, yet?

Dress-up like a Farm Animal for even more On the Farm Fun

Would you like to be a pig? Wearing a pig snout and ears really gives a kid or kid at heart the feel of pork!

Bacon, lettuce and tomatoe sandwich tirangles would be a great on the farm snack.

Would you rather be a pig?
2 piece Pig Costume Set.
Two piece set includes pig ears on plastic headband and latex pig snout/ nose. OINK! OINK! Click link to purchase from Heart Felt Play store catalog

Heart Felt Play Store hogs the show with more pig dress-up clothes: in the Heart Felt Play Store catalog.


 COW Hooded Cape:

Heart Felt Play Store also offers more hooded animal capes: pig; lamb; horse, elephant; lion; zebra and elephant. 


For a cow learning treat have you ever made home made ice cream? Have you made butter from fresh cow’s cream?

Cow hooded cape from Heart Felt Play Store; a cheap costume kids can wear legging underneath…HFPS aso see limted stock of leggings.


Every farmer needs a set of buckets:

These mini galvanized buckets are not approved for serving food. But, they are the perfect size for countin pumpkin seeds or pouring water from container to container.


Set of 6 Buckets
Charming mini galvenized n the farm buckets are perfect to fill with on the farm treats.
2″ x 2 1/4 ” for decoration only. Not approved as food safe by US. Wrapped candy treats are just fine or stuff with stickers or plastic animals and straw for an Old Western photo prop. Click link to purchase fro Hert Felt Play Store catalog

Bandannas make quick and easy dress-up costumes:

Wash and wear this horse face bandanna. Heart Felt Play Store also has pig and cow bandannas. Great for busy bags; play boxes; party faovors and even stockign stuffers or a farm theme or while elephant gift.


Dress-up horse bandana sold on-line Heart Felt Play Store. Horse face bananda make a cheap and easy costume for the dress-up box; school play or a western farm party. To purchase from heart Felt Play Store click link

Last but not least…every barnyard needs a ROOSTER!


Make your own ROOSTER mask. You oculd make be a turkey too.



Get inspired with 45 Pre-school Farm Theme Activities:Click HERE

  • Check out No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store Catalog On-line:
  • Note: product availability will change and is not guarenteed to be in stock, so get your request in early.
  • To have your sensory play box BAG specially ordered then shipped, please allow 2 weeks to include shipping in US only. Please use contact form at this url. Sesnory Play set will not be shipped in plastic shoe boxes. The set will be shipped in a zip lock bag:this saves considerable amount of shipping fees.

See my board on Pinterest Sensory Activites Paying Attention;

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