What Happens When a Man’s Wheelchair is One Wheel Short?

What Happens When a Man’s Wheelchair is One Wheel Short?

He wobbles and tips over with him in it is what happens. Then he is stuck in bed for days and day sand days…and the No Non-cents Nanna disapears on-line for awhile.


Can you see what is missing in this photo? It is the back of a 10 year old wheelchair that had been hit by ahis writ taxi over 4 years ago It tipped over with my son in it. copy right Mlaika Bourne see post.

The alert system person responded, but called me FIRST?WHY would me first. I was 30 minutes away.. I could never pick up by myself a 350 pound chair and a 150 pound man- who can’t stand.

Called ME FIRST WHYwould they do that?

I demanded they call 9-1-1 go to his resuce…

Life became more complicated for our household…to type the least.

Since this was his back up chair(just in case his $19,000 18 month old wheelchair did not function-AGAIN!-which it is not safe for him-) I had to call an ambualnce to transport

the parapalegic by stretcher to a crucial monthly infusion. ( Tysabri)

Mannwith MS is transported by stretcher to medical appoint. Why? Becasue his wheelcahir is brokenAGAIN and his back up wheelchair is missling a wheel- and the whellchair company is OK with this? Copy rignt Malika Bourne See post

Here is my son getting his every four week infusion of Tysabri in July just before the right arm broke off. the same chair he is sitting in. That is why he was in the back up wheelchair.

MS patient at Colorado Springs infusion center for MS treament. Please note the left arm rest as shortly after this photo was taken that arm broke off.

We called the local wheelchair company- the company that built the chair and filed a $47,000 bill to the inusurance company.. This is same ew wheelchair I wrote about last year that was always broken

The whelechair repair man came out 2 weeks later, after ithe left arm broke off- 4 weeks later the compny had sitll not sent the paper work to the doctor

to write an order for repair toget aporval form the insurance company for payment.

Let me tell you, wheelchairs are not cheap for people who depend on them for mobility for tasks of daly living. like parapalegics.Then we all have to figure out how these parts will be paid for.

One size wheelchair does not fit all especiallyy for a man who is 6′ 2″. His has to be custom built.

The wheelchair repair man told my son to “Just tie a belt around his chest so he won’t fall out of the chair with the missing arm. A BELT!


My son was now confiend to bed. He had to stay in for 9 days. He has lost his independence and is now dependant on me for his every need.I have an overload of phone calls to make to deal with these things and more…

…talked to lawyer…talk to insurance…doctor…

Heavy sigh…

..for those who of wiating for me to return phone callls or texts…no,I’ve not read nor commented what you shared on Facebook….so forget it…


I’m too pooped to pop from meetiing priorities of my dependant adult son.

That is what responcible parents do.

I’m Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna making the best choices I can.


I found a new wheelchair comapny out of Denver with a rep we already know and trust who works this area.

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