Best Combined Lists of FREE Pandemic of 2020 Stay Home From School Vacation Resources

Are we adjusting, yet, to staying home from school? Don’t pass up the chance to explore outer space or look for penguin poop…not joking- this post just added links to more virtual learning experiences that can help scientists just by sitting on your own couch in the living room. Travel the world virtually- for free- links in this post.

Put away the tech devices moms, dads, grandparents, you are about to embark on an exciting world tour adventure with your Stay-At-Home-Children simply by clicking on the links for FREE resources.

You are going on an exciting virtual vacation! You CAN tour the world virtually with your family and have fun doing the math on how much money you saved by staying home. ( think positive.)

Learning at home with you, mom and dad will be fun with a little bit of help from tried and true Stay-At-Home parents who their experiences in blogs along with tons of FREE resources to download and print off and more at affordable prices. Update 3/31/2020


Stay at home school during self-isolation can be fun. Lots of FREE resources links No Non-cents


Order printer paper…colored pencils and markers


The No Non-cents Nanna blogs have always been about caring for the children in our family and their health. My content has adapted and changed a tad over the past 9 years. I retired from pre-school, my grandchildren grew up as children tend to do: I closed my online shop. (You will still see remnants of Heart Felt Play Store)

But, my No Non-cents Nanna Blog, is still up and running thanks to the maintenance skills of I am still researching for my upcoming psychic-thriller novel, (what a contrast!) and pitching into community efforts, and doing nursing care for a disabled adult child. I confess, I research and glean from the best to save time and energy for all of us.

This post is dedicated to CHANGES as we all work to Make America Great Again during this trying time of the COVID-19 Panepidemic.

Best Combined Lists of FREE Pandemic of 2020 Stay Home From School Vacation Resources is a work in progress…more subjects will follow with new posts during the rest of March 2020 Stay-at-Home Self-care during this Covid-19 Health-Scare.

  • We CAN focus on the positive
  • We CAN improve the way we communicate with each other
  • We CAN learn about new places and things
  • We CAN make wonderful memories to share about how we coped during this time in history.


Love You to the Stars and Back

This No Non-cents Nanna is jumping for joy over the new updates today. I posted the lates right below cool things from outer space to learn about at home.

I admit this blog post is getting a tad unorganized as I update almost daily. Thanks for your patience.


NASA’s website has a plethora of opportunities for kids and adults alike to learn more about astronomy and spaceflight. Whether you want to be an astronaut, kill some time learning about the universe or help the agency work on future space exploration activities, there’s no lack of things to do.

So, if you’re looking for a little out-of-this-world escape while you’re stuck at home, here is a list of free space-themed activities from NASA to keep you occupied.

Related: ‘Space Racers’ goes full STEAM ahead with free activities for kids

Spot the Station is a tracking tool that allows you to look up your location from anywhere on Earth, and find out when, where and how you can see the International Space Station (ISS) pass overhead.

Stargaze (safely). …if you are able to step outside (while practicing safe social distancing), you can see plenty of planets and constellations.

Listen to podcasts

NASA podcasts let you catch up on the latest news…and more…


While at Home You’re Cooped- Study Where Penguins Poop


Every living body poops including penguins. You and the kids can help scientists study the habits of the interesting creature in Antarctica without even having to take the plastic bags outside and hold your nose…sounds fun to me.

Penguins are so, hmm, productive, that biologists find the birds by combing through satellite imagery looking for swaths of their poop, which scientists call guano.

“So we can map out how much area is covered in guano, and that gives us a really good estimate of how many penguins were actually at the colony at that particular location,” Lynch said.

Your counts help us to understand penguin population changes, and changes in their survival rates and timing of breeding. Time Lapse Cameras…




Heads Up: FREE Audio Books…

Audible announced today the launch of Audible Stories, a new service through which the company will be providing free audiobooks for small children and teens for the duration of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“For as long as schools are closed, we’re open,” Audible said.

“Starting today, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids,” the company said.

The Audible Stories service is already live and available through web browsers or the company’s official desktop and mobile apps.

The Stories portal currently lists hundreds of audiobooks, from folk tales to small children’s books, and from elementary school reading material to literary classics.


Audible to provide free audiobooks for children & teens during COVID-19 pandemic

Audiobook powerhouse Audible launches Audible Stories.


What CAN we do during self-isolation? Homeschooling- hit the books.

Updated 3/27/2020

Below is the quote box is an amazing resource with clicks able links. I won’t copy and paste them here because I did not put the list together – I want to send you to the source who did so they can have credit.

Here is what ZDNet said about their combined list:

“The free resources and links below are focused on schoolwork as well as subject interest and will be updated as we discover more.


It’s not all doom-and-gloom. There are wonderful examples of parents sharing their home school fails; comical videos of parents begging teachers for their forgiveness now they have gained a new respect for the profession, and social media networks are being used to swap hundreds of ideas to keep the tiny humans now under house arrest entertained.

(Parents and guardians struggling to cope can check out advice from headteachers and education professionals here.)

To make life at least a little easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of free online resources, separated by age groups and subjects. The free resources…

ENGLISH LANGUAGE, LITERATURE:Suitable for a range of levels:

Pre-school, primary, younger learners:

Secondary learners, up to 16-years-old:

MATHS: Suitable for a range of levels:

SCIENCE: Suitable for a range of levels:

…and more…click the link to open the door to free resources.


No one wants the germs you have. Wash your hands. No Non-cents Nanna



The Basics


We CAN Get the Kids Involved in Planning a Virtual Vacation


GIANT List of Online Homeschool Resources to Use During School Closure

…schools will most likely provide online learning and other resources, but to assist you even further, we’ve compiled a GIANT List of Online Homeschool Resources to Use During School Closures!

Websites and companies want to be there for you and your family during this time. …help keep your child as up to date as possible and make their time at home efficient and effective! AND, they are free! We’ve organized the list by category to make it as easy and stress-free as possible to find just what you need.

GIANT List of Online Homeschool Resources to Use During School Closures!


Homeschool Methods Explained: Unit Studies


This method is completely child-centered, and it believes that each child is different in who they are and how they learn.Children should experience and explore their world, not simply be stuffed with knowledge.

This type of education style focuses on these areas: Practical Life Skills, Mathematics, Sensory, Language, and Culture & Science


Homeschooling parents who choose this method mix between both conventional and non-traditional methods so that they can find the best of both worlds. So, they might use worksheets, textbooks, etc. for subjects like math and science, but then use another style such as unschooling for the rest of the subjects.




FREE Printables and Learning Activities

If you’re looking for all our free printables for the classroom or at-home, you’ve come to the right place! On this page, I’ve collected all the freebies at This Reading Mama. They’re sorted by subject so you can find them easier.

You’ll find TONS of freebies here, but you can find even more resources I’ve bundled up in my shop or at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

FREE Printables and Learning Activities





Get some unexpected homeschool encouragement and FREE resources to get you through homeschooling when you don’t feel quite prepared or ready. #freehomeschooldeals#fhdhomeschoolers
Homeschool Freebies Zone: Hundreds of FREE Homeschool Resources
Homeschool Freebies Zone – Access to hundreds of free printables & free app trials for homeschoolers. Download your free resources & printables now.



Tour the World

From Your Very Own Kitchen Table

Traveling with kids is a challenge. Tips to plan ahead when going to grandma’s house for the holidays or a virtual vacation,

Now, that we have the basics let’s plan a trip…


Updated 4/3/2020

Find the Joy of Joining In

Thank you CDC for this list.

At a time when physical distancing and closures are the new normal, how can people get past the “fear of missing out” feeling?

Rather than focus on what you’re missing out, try to find the Joy of Joining In on physical distancing and the opportunities it presents.

The Internet and social media can be a place of misinformation and stigma, but also of hope (e.g., quarantined Italians singing from balconies), resilience…

  1. Read or listen to a book.
  2. Take a walk outside. Some state and local parks have waived fees.
  3. Download, photocopy, and share free Ready Wrigley activity books on topics, such as winter weather, hurricane, and tornado preparedness.
  4. Try out a new recipe out of your favorite cookbook or submit one to the Emergency Kit Cook-Off.
  5. Play a board game, put together a puzzle, or learn a new card game, such as FEMA’s Ready 2 Help.
  6. Do some spring cleaning around the house or weeding in the garden, or check things off the “honey do” list.
  7. Call, text, and video chat with family and friends; especially, older adults and people who have serious underlying medical conditions.
  8. Connecting with others can help reduce stress and anxiety in yourself and others.
  9. Do arts and crafts, such as coloring pages and paint-by-number projects, at home with the kids.
  10. Perform science experiments. The Internet is full of instructions for making everything from rock candy to a lava lamp.


Also, from the CDC

More Virtual Tours

 Physical Distancing & the Joy of Joining In

Posted on  by Blog Administrator

  1. Louvre Museum in Paris, France
  2. Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy
  3. National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
  4. Guggenheim Museum in New York
  5. The San Diego Zoo
  6. Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, Calif.


Continents Fact Files Printable – Geography Printables

This year Kaleb and I have been wandering around the world via books, Little Passports, and various other things we come across in our…

…several pages for each continent: a blank continent image, one showing countries/territories within the continent, and another labeling each of the countries/territories within the continent (Antarctica only has one page).All continent fact pages…

Continents Fact Files Printable – Geography Printables


Plan a Virtual Vacation from Your Kitchen…


  • Do you have a map?
  • Where would you like to go first?
  • Is this place near or far away?
  • What kind of weather does this town, city, state, the country have?

FREE Printable Maps

20+ free, printable Blank Maps for learning about geography, capitals / rivers / mts, noting famous landmarks, where have i been, news, and more….


Get Your Passports Ready

No Non-cents Nanna simply love these fun sticker passports from Oriental Trading.

Perhaps you will be inspired and make your own passport from supplies in your ‘junk drawer” Get creative.

My Passport Sticker Books


$ 7.69 Per Dozen from Oriental Trading
See the world one sticker at a time! With “My Passport” Sticker Books, kids can take a pretend vacation on every page! Each “My Passport” Sticker Book includes 6 travel pages and 16 assorted travel stamp stickers including Hawaii, Australia, France, Hong Kong, London, Spain, Canada and more. Paper. 4″ x 6″ © OTC


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


What Landmarks CAN You Identify?


Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs, Colorado


FREE World Landmarks Printables Pack

FREE World Landmarks Printables Pack


Are you working on Geography? Only Passionate Curiosity has a FREE World Landmarks Printables pack.

In this pack, you’ll find 8 world landmarks:

The Pyramids
The Colluseum
Taj Mahal
The Eiffel Tower
Christ the Redeemer
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Tower Bridge
The Statue of Liberty

Click here for a growing list of FREE Geography resources for homeschooling!

Home / Elementary / FREE World Landmarks Printables Pack

Gigi is a homeschool Mom to her three daughters and a content editor for Free Homeschool Deals.

FREE Interactive World Map With Activities


FREE Resources & Printables to Study Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is such a popular unit to study because it’s fascinating; kids love it; and you can do so many activities with it! If you plan on studying it this year, then we have rounded up a number of our great Ancient Egypt resources as well as outside activities to bolster up a great unit. Check out FREE Resources & Printables to Study Ancient Egypt!

FREE Resources & Printables to Study Ancient Egypt

Free Kindle Books About Ancient History: Find great books about Ancient Egypt on Amazon to supplement your unit!




For a virtual vacation game ask how will we get there? Stickers from Oriental Trading
No Non-cents Nanna



State Report: Fact Fans Distance Learning

$6 · These interactive Fact Fans are a fun twist to the classic state report! Students will use the provided note-taking sheets to research one of the fifty states. Then, they transfer their notes onto the…


Gather the Facts


State Research Project | State Report | Writing Project

$5.25 · How would you like to teach state history in a new and engaging way? Your students will research an assigned state, write an informational piece…
File Type

Zi(4 MB|44 pages)

State Research T-Shirt Project

Is it just me or does it seem each year there is less and less time devoted to the subject areas of science and especially social studies? It seems I always have to get creative with somehow…



50 States Fact Sheets: Templates for all 50 States w/Answer Keys

$6 · Looking for a way to get your students to organize the information that they are learning about the 50 states? This little packet is for you. You can bind all 50 sheets to create a “50 State Fact…
Resource Type
File Type


(23 MB|102 pages)


Search for videos on Kids Geography.

Pretend you are in a car, on a bus, on a boat, or an airplane.

  • Who will go?
  • What will we take to wear?
  • When will we leave on our virtual vacation?
  • Where will we go to the world-virtually?
  • How will we get to our destination, how far, how long. will we be gone..?
  • Are we there, yet?
  • What supplies do we need to take with us?



About National Geographic Kids: Nat Geo Kids makes it fun to explore your world with weird, wild, and wacky videos! Videos featuring awesome animals, cool science, funny pets, and more, are made …






Kids Geography – YouTube…

Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. Five Oceans Song/Five Oceans of the World by Kids Learning Tube. 3:12. Seven Continents Geography/Kids Learning Tube by Kids Learning Tube. 2:02.




Oh the Games We CAN Play


Stay-at-Home geography games with stuff from your junk drawer

Learn at home with this collection of 9 free, online geography games for school age kids

This collection of 9 free, online geography games will put your knowledge of Planet Earth to the test! Suitable for all ages. Great for school and home.

Inside: 9 free online geography games for kids. Great for school and home.

Ready to test your knowledge of Planet Earth and have a heap of fun in the process? The interactive games on these websites will make students forget they are learning! Better yet – they are all totally free and suitable for all ages. But watch out…they can be a little addictive!

9 Free Online Geography Games for Kids: Learn the World!

Best Online Educational Games for Kids

Kids tend to learn better when they are having fun doing it. This is why I went on the hunt for the best online educational games for kids.

Best Online Educational Games for Kids – The Frugal Navy Wife

Mar 21, 2017 · Best Online Educational Games for Kids. 1. ABCmouseABCmouse is a great online resource for fun games for kids, especially younger kids ranging in the preschool age. It’s $7.95 per … 2. FunbrainFunbrain has a huge collection of educational games that have a huge range of age appropriate games. …

Best Online Educational Games for Kids



Get Up and GO!

Go up and Go Get moving No Non-cents Nanna



Moving the body is extremely valuable in learning. Besides, growing children simply have to move their bodies: good for the heart, the brain, good of large motor development.

Stay-at-Home-School does NOT mean sitting up straight for 8 hours and craking a ruler across the knuckle.s ( God forbid.)

Enjoy moving forward as you create a memory in this significant time in history.


Here are 20 of our favorite gross motor activities for kids. 1. Balance Boarding. Perfect for little feet and ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, this adorable monkey balance board by ALEX Toys is a fun way to help improve your child’s balance and coordination while also getting the wiggles out. 2. Balloon Tennis….

. Finding fun and engaging gross motor activities for kids is a great option as they offer a sneaky way to help your child work through their challenges without them even realizing it! Here are 20 of our favorite gross motor activities for kids.


Pre-K Kids Activities/ Play at Home

Plain old fashioned tongue depressors or craft stick are wonderful for open ended exploring…not messy at all. No Non-cents Nanna

The Best Preschool Music for Energetic Kids

Looking for preschool music that helps energetic kids? This collection is perfect for getting those wiggles out, especially when stuck indoors!
Examples of what is in the post.


Top 30 Learning Activities for 3 to 3.5 Years Old
Pinay Homeschooler is a blog that shares homeschool and…

Activities for 3 Year Olds

Three is such a special age in the life of a child. It is a time for exploration and creativity and a jump in independence and ability to follow instruction. The days of the ‘terrible twos’ are…

Arts and Crafts, Sensory Play, Busy Bags, Resrources for Managing Emotions and More…


Simple, No-Prep Toddler Activities

Easy toddler activities for those toddlers with so much energy! You won’t have to spend time setting up an activity only…

Have older kids too? Kids of all ages will enjoy these activities for kids with high energy.

If your toddler still naps, but struggles to fall asleep at bedtime, keeping them active is necessary to ensure that you get some mama-me time at the end of the day.

These activities are perfect for older kids, too.

15. Set up an indoor obstacle course

Create an indoor obstacle course using whatever you have around the house (your kids will be able to find lots of obstacles to use).

16. Have a tickle fight

17. Bounce or kick a ball

18. Get outside




Sensory bins and Tinker Boxes are lifesavers on a rainy day! Just let kids explore some “new-to-them” bits and pieces! (You might want to make some DIY Colored Pasta or Rice)

Check out my post on the Melissa & Doug blog about how to create a Rainy Day Block Maze activity!


Learning Basic Life-Saving Skills – PRICELESS!


Looking for things to do while you #StayAtHome? Catch up on your first aid knowledge or learn a new lifesaving skill with our online courses:





Note: the No Non-cents Nanna post is a work in progress. I will be adding more subject ideas for stay-at-home-learning inspiration to help you save time and energy reserved for your family during this COVID-19 health scare.


What Can Families Who are Staying Home Do Without Hand Sanitizer?



Heart Felt Play for fun stuff for kids with an educational twist. Always think of toy safety first. -see post for safety tips when choosing toys. Follow on Facebook

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna encouraging and your family to ‘Make good choices”.



Chek out Pinterest new board for the duration…

Stay safe. Stay inspired.

Home teaching ideas

At Pinterest, our first priority is making sure people have reliable information. That’s why we limited search results on terms like “coronavirus,” so that Pinners only see reliable information from the World Health Organization.




What Can Families Who are Staying Home Do Without Hand Sanitizer?


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