No Non-cents Nanna is Back

No Non-cents Nanna is back thanks to my tech support The Edge of Eternity Networks.

Sometime way back in April of 2020, (you know what I’m talking about ) as if we did not have enough trials and tribulations, I had troubles saving and editing my very long posts about COVID-19 and churches that abuse.

My tech support did everything he could…then… POOF!

Eight years of typo’s vanished in a puff of 2020 cyberspace.

Today, November 28, 2020, my No Non-cents Nanna blog was fully recovered. My words are back online for the world to read thanks to The Edge of Eternity. my tech support.

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FYI No Non-cents Nanna is now monetized at this time I make no money. In fact, there are expenses to running a blog and keeping up with my domain names. I write for the joy of expressing myself. Any and all prophet goes to TEOE for expenses.

What bothered me the most about my pages disappearing was that I had hurriedly hidden my work in progress novel chapters in unpublished documents within my No Non-cents Nanna blog.

The short version of that story is that I bought a defective new laptop and I have to replace my printer. (Yes, I do have a flash drive, but I was still writing rough drafts)

Below is the cover of the 2nd edition of my first novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. Of the co-authors, I am the one who wove the words and made all the typos.

Malika Bourne is the primary author of The Secrets of the Unwritten Book

Within a year of self-publication, I felt that I needed to undo the delusion that the book might “inspire” vulnerable readers who may wish to receive angelic messages. I took the book out of distribution, but, it is still for sale on 

Whoever has the books in their warehouse hopefully will recoup any expenses from storing the books that I paid to have published and printed. ( Most authors nowadays self publish.) This is because I took the book out of the cycle so that I di not have to split royalties with the alleged co-author when I took on the entire effort and expenses. (How is that for a blunt lesson learned the hard way?)

Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart

Book by Malika Bourne inspired by Grace Rose
Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart

The market place of Lamoria is busy with those who wish to barter, dance to the Leprechauns’ dueling fiddles or splash in the colorful fountain with the cherubs, fairies and gypsies. Friends are keepers of magic and dreams. Lovers made for each other share endless romance. Who knew the unexpected could throw a peaceful loving world into an unseen war …


To undo the “angelic delusion” of speaking to guardian angels angle I had to think long and hard not only to intertwine the secrets in that somewhat fictional novel but how to educate others on being conned by a narcissist. My problem was that I had promised not to reveal any secrets.

A World Disconnected was born in my head and my defective laptop.


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It is so good to be BACK!
As I always said, “Make good choices.”
Malika Bourne

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