A World Disconnected: In the Beginning

This No Non-cents Nanna post is the background for the beginning of my upcoming psychothriller A World Disconnected. Follow the inner workings of this author’s mind during the creating unwritten pages into A World Disconnected

A World Disconnected is a to-be-published sequel to my first novel The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. The truth is rather on the crazy side. I will explain some of the many secrets behind that first novel and why I have to write a sequel to undo the damage of the first book.

In the beginning, when I wrote the first edition of my novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book, I did it all wrong. So, I republished changing the title somewhat, and I still did things wrong.

It was my former friend, Grace’s story, but I wove every word into some semblance of fiction and made the typo’s all on my own about an angelic channeller who found her angelic sister. They had a Heavenly mission to learn about evil, destroy a planet then go home to heaven, a planet called Lamoria. (I spelled it wrong, but, I will reveal that secret some time in a later post.)

I was warned about publishing with a co-author’s name. If the friendship ended there would be legal issues with royalties. The angels would NOT hear of that. (That was another biggie that I did wrong.)


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With so many mistakes and the fact that the book was in reality how I, the character named Anna Baker, fell into the delusions of a con woman. There, I told a secret that took me far too long to figure out. (I am embarrassed to admit that I fell into the delusions of a narcissist.) It was difficult for even me to sort the truth from the lies I believed in this fictional book.

Are you confused, yet? Maybe not as confused as I was in real life during the time I wove the words to a book My so-called-friend seduced me to believe it was my destiny to write in order to gather the Biblical 144 thousand for the end of the world. (This is a common trick for many cult leaders to claim.)

My reviewers and readers couldn’t relate to poor Anna Baker or even her alter-ego Malika the Queen of Discipline, but man oh man, did they fall for her loving mate, An-gelo the King of the Sultan who she longed to get back to in an allegorical Heaven. (I have to fan my face for just thinking of the sexy lover that inspired readers to want to know who their mate is in heaven.)

I thought the publisher wrote the blurbs and the bios for the author. Oh, wait…I self-published twice. That means I hired someone to typeset and print and pay for all the copies of the book myself. No advances. I wrote every word of the book based on my former friendship with an angelic channeller…cough cough con woman.

Crap, the angels told Grace that we get half a million in advances.


Here is the blurb I quickly wrote as it appears on both first and 2nd editions on Amazon.com

The marketplace of Lamoria is busy with those who wish to barter, dance to the Leprechauns’ dueling fiddles or splash in the colorful fountain with the cherubs, fairies and gypsies. Friends are keepers of magic and dreams. Lovers made for each other share endless romance. Who knew the unexpected could throw a peaceful loving world into an unseen war with the dark planet Mylantra? The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart is full of the unexpected. The ordinary is taken to the extreme.

Have you ever wondered what secrets the universe holds?

Do you ever question your purpose for being on the planet where you live? Have you ever wondered what if you were really someone in the wrong body? What if you had no memory of who you were or where you came from? What if you were awakened to the facts that your entire life had been a collection of notes about the universe? Every chapter of your life was actually a carefully monitored, woven tapestry- puzzle written inside of a magical book that had existed for eons? What if you learn your destiny is to re-write secrets in a book that is unwritten in time?

Co-authors Malika Bourne and Grace Rose invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Are the secrets revealed in The Secrets of the Unwritten Book fact or fiction? What does your heart know?


Another secret behind the writing of the “damn book” is that when I started receiving rejection letters from real publishers, Grace noted that I had misspelled the word query. Well, you’d think that for a woman who talked to angels who told us I had to write this book, you’d think that they would have told Grace to at least edit for typos’. Nope. The angels would not let Her lift a finger.


In the coming posts, I will write about the dynamics( patterns of behaviors) of toxic relationships and how easily anyone can fall into the delusions of a cult leader. I have had to do a lot of research to figure out what was wrong with the relationships of the two main characters in the book and in real life. When things did not go well with book publishers and not making the Best Seller List the day the books were published, the angels got angry.

When I write angry I mean – really mean. I was suffering from unexplained injuries including permanent nerve damage to my face. My apartment manager had to change the locks on my door. I eventually had to move out of state in order for the angels to not find me. (I told you the secrets behind the first novel are on the “crazy” side.)


To keep this post short, I took The Secrets of the Unwritten Book out of distribution. Oh, you can still buy it on Amazon.com but, I will not collect any royalties. (I may change that in the future.) I may post some chapter blurbs from The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart to form a bridge between the two novels: A World Disconnected.

A World Disconnected on Facebook: @AWorldDisconnectedAuthor 

Follow along with the work in progress as author Malika Bourne creates the sequel novel to The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. Keep in touch to find out how you can help this typo queen do early proofreading on chapters. I won’t be making that mistake again. ( No helpful proofreaders for the first books.)


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, “Make good choices and learn from our mistakes.”


No Non-cents Nanna is Back

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