Made a Difference in the Life of a Stranger with Random Act of Kindness

This last Sunday I walked to the store. I wasn’t feeling so good. I was unaware that I was coming down with pneumonia.

Unexpectedly 4 different strangers smiled and opened doors for me. I wondered if I looked as bad I felt.

These random acts of kindness gave me the strength to walk home feeling a nice up lift in mood to walk home.


Big No Non-cents Nanna hugs go out to those 4 very kind people in Colorado Springs I want to say THANK YOU! You made my day brighter!


In an old post on Bubblews I had listed 10 things I do regularly-when my lungs aren’t full of fluid.

I quote my self.

My Favorite Ways to Give Back

January 27, 2014

1. Give a smile.

2. Let someone go ahead of you in a grocery line.

3. Hold the door open for stranger.

4. Take a meal to some on who has a new baby, got out of the hospital or has been ill.

5. Pick up trash in the neighborhood.

6. Help someone unload their groceries into or out of the car.

7. Give a compliment to the supervisor about an employee who did a great job.

8. Ask if you can give someone a hug.

9. Listen, Just listen.

10. Say thank you.

Now, I am curious what other people do to give back.


Did you know that is a real organization about Random Acts of Kindness?

Check it out!

Welcome | Random Acts of Kindness

Quote: “Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness Website. Our aim is to inspire others to practice kindness and pass it on.”


Note from Nanna: When my daughter learned I had pneumonia she came over to help out by helping care for her disabled brother. She cooked and cleaned for us.

I love you,daughter!

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