The No Non-cents Diary: Introduction

Welcome to No Non-cents Nanna’s current project – The No Non-cents Diary.

If you are feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed with mainstream and social media disinformation, maybe you and I want to exchange our thoughts on how to make STUFF better before SHTF.

Are you interested in preparedness for the family but don’t know where to start? Please feel free to check out any old No Non-cents Nana post. Then…

…get ready for brand-new content with a variety of referrals and resources for you to plan ahead for an uncertain future.

BTW: No Non-cents Nanna does not know everything – but I am a resource queen.

Dear Diary:

Let me introduce myself.

I am Malika Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna. I have worn many hats in my lifetime. I’m kind of a Jack-of-all-Trades – But a Ph.D. of none.

I always have a plan for the worst-case scenario. Among those hats I might wear could include a tin foil hat; a nurses cap; an old lady Sunday-go-to-meeting hat; a girlish Boy Scout hat(Camp Fire Girl); a butcher, a baker, and a candle stick maker.

I used to be so nice and quiet. But, now at my age – I’ve lost my filter. I think it is time that nice ladies speak up for the vulnerable without giving a fig who they offend in the rich and famous corners of the world.

I am a loving and kind mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I am a daughter and a sister. As a good neighbor – well, that can be a matter of opinion.

I am a pretty good teacher as a side gig to my degree in nursing.

I straddle a number of fences: One foot is in the organic garden. While the other foot past college chemistry in nursing school so I am somewhat defensive about medications.

I was raised to be a good Christain girl. I even taught Sunday School: If I had to label my religious beliefs I would be honest and tell you, “I am a Post Theist.” But, my posts are not focused on religion.

I watch patterns of behavior in order to find solutions. I want my blogs to inspire problem-solving in nature.

I love researching and learning new things. Thus it is difficult for me to be succinct about the rabbit trails I have explored.

I believe in encouraging positive behavior by responding with love as opposed to reacting – I do my share of reacting in the real world.

I’m a senior citizen – a Baby Boomer who will “man up” to admit that we Boomers failed in our own dreams of ruling a perfect world. We Boomers were not as smart as we thought we were….with that said, I think we can make on-course corrections.

I was never outspoken on politics.

Yes, I cared about voting. But I have been naive and gullible. I have to wonder if there is a way to not be so “stupid” going forward.

Now I am so concerned about all the Hog Wash In Washington that this No Non-cents Nanna must speak out about behind the closed doors Cr@p is immediately affecting our families.

Why are we Americans depending on the Giverment to keep us in the proverbial lap of luxury we have grown accused to? (Sarcasm is my gift.) Is it possible to be self-reliant in 2023 and going forward in the near future?

I am willing to speak out about the long-term consequences created by a small group of narcissistic liars without giving them an ounce of attention. I am looking for non-violent solutions for people, human beings, to survive with resilience.

I’m going to be writing in my No Non-cents Diary about how we, not 1 of us, can change anyone else’s behavior. We, you and I can explore how we can change our own behavior to make needed changes in the world.,

I hope to gain new followers on my No Non-cents blog under the subheading of The No Non-cents Diary. *


So dear diary, can you relate to anything I have mentioned? Do you have some skills that you would like others to know about or want to learn asap, but need resources?

It is time to get back to our household routine. Until next time, dear diary.

Oh and remember, “Make good choices.”

Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

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  • This is a family-oriented blog geared toward finding non-violent, non-hateful solutions to preparedness.
  • I do encourage Freedom of Speech. However, will not tolerate hate or excessive cursing, or incendiary violence.
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