Isn’t It Time to Talk to Kids about Halloween Images?

While I’m playing around with editing some of my photos of my Halloween crafts I want to encourage you to form an emergency preparedness plan.

Below I made up a gory image for us to consider. Is illusion real or it is creepy fun?

Cold Halloween test tubes

Cold Halloween test tubes

I’m not so sure that most American kids know the difference between a serious injury and a fantasy.

I hope that your children never have to experience a horrify tragedy. With awareness we can all do a lot to avoid accidents.

Bad things can happen to good people. Many times an injury or death could have been prevented if only children had been made aware of the consequences of stepping out of boundaries with common safety rules.

Halloween is a opportune time to talk about rules to stay safe.

Warm Halloween test tubes

Warm Halloween test tubes Copy right Malika Bourne


Do you think these images look too creepy or spooky or just plain fun?

I have been playing around editing my images with colors. I am having FUN.

But as an old RN I know the difference between fact and fiction with blood. These creepy images are not real.

  • What do you think about this gore in my art work?
  • Which one would YOU pick as the most creative use of color editing?

It may seem inappropriate to ask about my art work, but, I am trying to make a point about creating illusions.

  • Movie makers create illusions in order to sell a product to make a profit.

Personally, I don’t like Horror Films, but some people do.

  • Many people do love to escape every day life in the movie theater or a video for a short time knowing that the story will end.
  • Then, they can get back to normal life.
  • Horror films seems to be a real adrenaline rush for some that I don’t appreciate.

Don’t you think it is time to talk to your kids about this subject on their level?

At some time in our lives we all will experience blood from injuries; or creepy situations that we don’t know the out comes-unlike a movie.

That is why a preparedness plan is important for everyone in the family.

While it is not healthy to dwell on gore there is a time and place to sit down with our children that accidents with serious injuries can happen AND it is not fun like you see in a cartoon or a movie.

From a very young age I encourage you to begin teach family members about staying safe and with a plan of action for emergencies, such as learning first aid, to be prepared in the un-imaginable might happen.

  • tornado
  • earthquake
  • flood
  • car accident
  • bad fall

What has your family done to prevent accidents or prepare for real emergencies?

What will you do today to practice safety in your home?



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