Who, Where From & Why Are People Migrating to the US?: “Take Our Border Back” series

Can the American Dream be shared with everyone who dreams of freedom in the United States? 

Realistically, probably not. 

Yet, the US is experiencing a mass migration across our borders. Some come through the 65 legal southern ports of entry. There is only an estimated 100s of thousands that cannot be accurately counted are illegally entering via cartel-scouted routes rather than the legal way.

And who is crossing the border, from where, how many and why?

This post will explore who, where, and why people are migrating to the United States of America. The focus will be on El Salvadore. A list of countries will be listed below. (Other countries that people are “fleeing” from will be highlighted in additional blog posts in this series.)



First Amendment -Religion…
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…

I will refer you to some YouTube videos simply because you have to see live-streamed videos from credible sources in order to believe it.

Many of these “migrants” will claim asylum. Not all that cry “asylum” qualify to receive protection. Many want better wages. Others are criminals fleeing prosecution and imprisonment. A number are terrorists. (In comments under YouTube videos I call them “bad apples” to not negatively trigger algorithms for the content creator that I respect.)

Where are all of these people migrating from?

Are Mexicans and South Americans the only places in the world that people are (really and illegally) migrating from?

The surprising answer is “NO!” People are flocking to the United States in record numbers….but first… let us take a deep dive into the act of asylum-seeking.

I know that this whole migration issue, sanctuary cities over-flowing, crimes from illegal immigrants…it is overwhelmingly complex. I’m sure you have all heard plenty of opinions.

Note: I strive to give my readers the most accurate information that I can pull together from my research.

This blog post should not be used to quote directly from. Please quote from the sources with the clickable links that I provide. I Malika Bourne have no vested interest in the portions that I quote. My research quotes resources and posts in quotes under the Fair Use Act. This No Non-cents Nanna blog is published and copyrighted by Malika Bourne. this blog post may NOT be used in its entirety for personal student use and then claimed as your own.


The US has the highest number of immigrants, currently. According to the research of the YouTube video, I refer you to – see below for the description and title.

The numbers are based on border encounters. Some people try to get in over and over with multiple encounters.

  1. Mexico – the most undocumented immigrants – in search of better wages and improved access to education and health care violence.(The number has decreased from previous years.)

2. Honduras – Economic Stress, corruption, family reunification, safety ( One of the emost dangerous places in Earth)

3. Guatemala – sought in the agricultural rural areas. Urban crime.

4. Venezuela – asylum is the main reason they come to the US. Venezuela has oil but the prices have declined.

5. Cuba – tourism dropped due to the pandemic. Flying to Nicaragua first because you don’t need a Visa and then they get to the US by land rather than the usual boat.

6. Nicaragua – violence and government ie a rigged election, 2 hurricanes

#migrantcrisis #acrosstheglobe #illegalimmigration

• Jan 29, 2024 • #migrantcrisis #acrosstheglobe #illegalimmigration

Did you know that recently in just 5 days, almost 50,000 illegal migrants were processed by border patrol?

And that despite the U.S sharing a border with Mexico, there are people from a number of different countries coming to the U.S.?

The US currently has the highest number of documented and undocumented immigrants when compared to other countries, with a little more than 45 million people, or 13.6% of the US population

When it comes to just undocumented immigrants, the US is home to approximately 10.5 million unauthorized, who make up about 3% of the total US population.

However, a lot of people don’t actually know too much about unauthorized immigration in the US or where exactly most of these immigrants are coming from.

So today on Across the Globe we’re going to be looking at Where Illegal Immigrants In The U.S Are Coming From.


What are the Details of Asylum?

What is the legal definition of asylum?

  • The term asylum refers to the help, shelter or protection that is provided to a person. Political, for its part, is a concept with several uses: in this case we are interested in its meaning as that linked to political activity (the actions developed to manage or administer public affairs). Do you like Audiobooks and Podcast?

Definition of Political Asylum – What is, Meaning and …



    • What is asylumAsylum is a form of protection available to anyone at risk of serious harm in their home country who must leave in search of safety in another country.
    • What is the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker? There is often confusion around the terms ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘refugee’. A refugee is defined as someone who has been forced to flee persecution, war or violence and has crossed an international border to find safety in another country.
    • Who are asylum seekers and why are they seeking asylum? More than two-thirds of all refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad originate from just five countries: Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar.
    • What is the right to seek asylum? Everyone has the right to seek asylum—no matter who they are, where they come from, or when they choose to flee. The right to seek asylum, along with other rights of refugees, is outlined in the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol which has protected the rights of asylum seekers and refugees since the end of WWII.


Keep this in mind as you read the list of countries people are allegedly fleeing from.

The original bar said that people who have passed through a country other than their country of origin before entering the United States must request asylum in one of those countries – and if they do not, they will not be eligible for asylum in the United States. The bar affected people who entered the United States on or after July 16, 2019.

help.asylumadvocacy.org › is-it-possible-to-apply-forasylum-if-you-passed-through-another-country-before-arriving-in-the-united-states


Supplementary notes

Asylees are persons who sought residence in the United States in order to avoid persecution in their country of origin.

Persons granted asylum applied either at a port of entry or at some point after their entry into the United States.

There are two ways in which to file for asylum, affirmatively or defensively.

  • People who apply affirmatively are those who come to the U.S. either legally or illegally but have not been put into removal proceedings. They apply with the Asylum Office. If arrested and put into removal proceedings, however, an individual can apply defensively, that is with the Immigration Judge.



The US is getting asylum seekers from continents other than South America.

People are “fleeing” from many countries on the continent of Africa and from China in Asia.

But, the United States is not the only country to receive an overwhelming number of migrants after the pandemic that started in 2029/ 2020.

European countries are complaining of discontent with migrants. Germany, a few years back invited workers to come in from other countries – they now regret it.

“Fleeing” may not be the most accurate word in 2024.

“Asylum seeking” may not be the correct agenda for others. That is the problem.  (too understated a word.)

Texas was having a border crisis. The US Federal Government, according to Texas Governor Abbott, was not doing its duty to the American citizens by protecting the border. Too many illegal aliens were crossing into Texas. The short story is that ABott started putting unvested migrants on buses and then shipping them to sanctuary cities. To name a few: New York City; Chicago: Denver…(Democrat cities – Aboot is Republican.) 

But, again, that is for another discussion.


After all of these extra rabbit trails I’ve led you in and around I hope you might recall that asylum seekers are supposed to stop to request asylum in El Salvador or Mexico.

Well…that is not working out.

My understanding is this:

The Democratic Biden administration sent an OPEN invitation to “come on down to the US of A. Our border is open.”

For whatever reason, the floodgates are open and overflowing with mostly young men of “military age”. There are “families” that may or may not be with their biological children: and even unaccompanied minors.

I have to say allegedly, the rumor is that the Democrats want “undocumented voters” to vote in the 2-24 election. That is what “they” say. But I don’t want to explore that. I want to try to stay as unbiased/ neutral as I can.


Now, let’s jump down to a quote about Mexico that relates to Who, Where, What and Why…


Mexico: Mexico is nearly always the number-one country of origin for migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Until 2012, over 85 percent of migrants whom Border Patrol apprehended were citizens of Mexico.

By 2019, that had fallen to 20 percent; Mexican migrants made up 33 percent in fiscal year 2022 (October 2021-September 2022), and 28 percent in October 2022. In 2022, U.S. authorities used the Title 42 pandemic authoritystruck down by a federal judge on November 15—to expel Mexican migrants 86 percent of the time. In October 2022, 85 percent of Mexican migrants encountered were single adults, much higher than the proportion for citizens of all countries (69 percent).



Title 4

Who remembers COVID-19? Enough said…except for the fact that under then President Donald Trump title 42 required COVID screening at the border crossings. some people got stuck in Mexico unable to complete their American Dream.

The quote below for the LA Times explains the difficulties of the people stuck in Migrants Camps in Mexico during the Pandemic of the twenty-first century.

Meanwhile, El Salvador was cleaning house with a new president…China was on lock-down…

Which countries send migrants to the U.S. border, and what are they fleeing?


MEXICO CITY — The deadly fire at a migrant detention center in northern Mexico last week has put a spotlight on why, amid harsh U.S. immigration policies, migrants continue to make the dangerous journey north.

What makes conditions at home so untenable that they outweigh the hostilities of the migrant trail or the chance of being turned back at the border?

The 39 men killed :  Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela and Colombia — countries beset by political instability, poverty or violence.

Those conditions, as well as natural disasters, or inequality worsened by the pandemic, are driving people north.




Pandemic travel restrictions had limited migration, but the number of travelers increased again in 2021 as the constraints started to lift.

Mexico, which accounts for the highest number of border crossings, has agreed to accept those turned out of the U.S. under Title 42, a public health policy that allows agents to quickly expel asylum seekers and block access to the U.S.


Did you know a Mobile App is being used for asylum appointments?


Asylum seekers now wait in packed shelters for Title 42 to lift in May or for appointments with border officials — made through an overloaded mobile app — in the hopes that they’ll qualify for a humanitarian exemption to the health policy.

But officials and advocates contend that Mexico is not equipped to handle the influx of people stranded there.

They are bracing for this summer when the U.S. is expected to roll out a new policy that will limit asylum access for migrants who crossed into the U.S. without authorization and didn’t apply for protections on the way.


The above was written in April 2023 for the LA Times. (Quote under the Fair Use Act for educational purposes. Please go to the LA Times to quote from.)
I have gathered my research for this No Non-cents Nanna post in February 2024…
…And let me tell you a lot is going on at the Eagle Pass, Texas border as I type. So be sure to check out more details on more blog posts on No Non-cents Nanna series partially titled “Take Back Our Border”. The YouTube content creators have amazingly outshined the mainstream news in investigating and reporting LIVE.
(There will be a way to access those LIVES reports on other parts of this series. See additional Take Our Border Back posts in this series.)


The following is for educational purposes to use under the Fair Use Act. Please refer directly to the DHS.gov website for this and more insightful data.

If you recall I mentioned above that when asylum seekers are felling their country they are supposed to stop at the first country that accepts asylum seekers.

…but there is a hitch to wanting to stay there…keep reading about how El Slavdor’s President Bukele wiped out crime…

Below you can read about the ACA. Highlight on the focus points. This is only a clip. Click the link to read the entire article.

El Salvador Begins Implementation of Asylum Cooperative Agreement

Release Date: December 15, 2020

“Implementation of the Asylum Cooperative Agreement between the United States and El Salvador is a critical step in the establishment of a truly regional approach to migration, and, more specifically, to the offer of protection to those migrants who are victims of persecution,” said Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf. “I am grateful to the Government of El Salvador, and to President Bukele personally, for their commitment to the implementation of the ACA, and for the resulting expansion of avenues for protection available to persecuted migrants in the region.”

In order to confront the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis at the Southwest border due to historic levels of irregular migration and human smuggling, the U.S. and El Salvador signed an ACA on September 20, 2019 to allow migrants to seek protection within the region in El Salvador.

Today’s announcement means that all operational details relating to the implementation of the ACA have been worked out between the United States and El Salvador.


Archived Content

In an effort to keep DHS.gov current, the archive contains outdated information that may not reflect current policy or programs.


Can America learn from the cleaning up of crime in Central America? Or should we learn from their mistakes?

What if we adopt stricter laws in the US? 

(By the way, social media commenters are frustrated with the police in sanctuary cities about the crimes of the “undocumented voters” to be politically correct…of course that is yet another discussion in this complex situation we have found our country in. We are in a “picked” is grossly an understatement.)

“Lock up all crooks in jail and throw away the key? Won’t that cure all of our ills? Then the US would be the happiest place on Earth, right?”


“Why not arrest all the bad guys?”

Yeah, right. Not so fast…there could be consequences like a boomerang coming back to hit you in the face. Do you know what happened in El Salvador when all of the crime-related Gang Members were rounded up and arrested?

Gangs? How bad could that be?

Arresting anyone suspicious comes with consequences that may be against the Constitutional rights we enjoy in the US. If you like to read comments online like I do, especially on YouTube, you will begin to see that “good ideas” may have a lot of drawbacks. I think the following will be an eye-opener to impulsive solutions to the world’s problems.


Let’s deep dive and explore El Salvador which happens to be an Asylum Country.

Technically, asylum seekers should be stopping in El Salvador rather than passing it in Central America and then going through Mexico to get to the US. Keep reading and clicking on videos to watch to understand why not stop in El Salvadore.

(It will take a few hours to completely get through all of this information. You may want to bookmark this page. You can also subscribe to No Non-cents Nanna. It’s free to you. Subscribing allows you to comment. This helps my tech team, TEOE, to keep spammers and bots out.)


El Salvador was the murder capital of the world.

Gangs had held the country hostage with ruthless murders, rapes, human trafficking, and extorsions of innocent hard-working people. El Salvadoran people did not have freedom because of the gangs ruling their world.

One weekend in 2022 there were 87 murders.

But, now the country has been cleaned up after mass arrests and detention with their newly elected President. Because of this, the crisis at the US borders feels the effects in ways we American citizens never saw coming.


Read all about it in the quoted clips below…quoted under the Fair Use Act.


www.economist.com · the-economist-reads · 2024/01/24What to read to understand El Salvador and the Northern Triangle

Jan 24, 2024 · Mr Bukele, who dramatically reduced violent crime by locking up nearly 2% of the country’s population, is a very popular populist. … El Salvador had the world’s highest murder rate


  • 76,000’s cases to prosecute. (2% of the population.)
  • Some 6,000 of those were released after proving innocence.
  • The murder rate dropped by nearly 57% within a year.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

What does it cost to throw all the bad boys in jail?

Now, El Salvador’s incarceration is the highest rate in the world. This small Central American country had a lot of “bad boys doing their thing”.

How does a small country have enough lawyers and judges to prosecute 76,000 accused criminals? And where do you put that many new inmates once tried and sentenced?

President Bukele had a plan.

He already had experience cleaning up a community. The people liked his style, so they voted for him. Currently, El Salvador is having their 2024 election. Who knew?

Bringing that many individuals to rial would take like – forever. So their court system tried 900 individuals at a time. Yes, I did type the number Nine-hundred correctly.

How do so many get a fair trial when they prosecute 900 human beings getting their trial at the same time? And some of those imprisoned are as young as 12 years old.

Yes, you read correctly. Children aged 12, can be treated as adults now in El Salvadore due to changes in the law. Why? The VP of El Salvador claims it was to close loopholes in the law.


Are Human Beings being denied Due Process?

Should the world be concerned about the Human Rights of fellow Human Beings with so many prisoners locked away from the world?

I’ll give a filtered blunt answer.

I know that the large number of these accused, tried, and convicted of gang-related crimes are horrible human beings. They committed horrendous crimes. I’m not talking about hoods that “rule the school”. But, there have to be more than 6,000 who are fairly innocent, don’t you think?

I believe in consequences for behavior. But, inhume treatment like “right back at ya”, I cannot accept that as anything but sadistic.

Check out the description of a PBS video. You can click on the link to go to the PBS channel or simply copy and paste the title into the YouTube search bar.

If I put the sharable link, the entire video would play here. PBS would not get credit. Besides, I do not have their permission to show it on this page.


Feb 2, 2024
51,581 views • Feb 2, 2024

El Salvador is holding its election and all eyes are on incumbent President Nayib Bukele. He came to power in 2019 and has overseen a brutal crackdown on gangs that terrorized the nation for decades. His popularity has soared, but his government has been accused of human rights abuses and dismantling democratic institutions. Amna Nawaz discussed Bukele’s policies with Vice President Felix Ulloa.

WARNING This video is graphic. You can find on YouTube by copy and pasting the title in the search bar.


What is prison like in El Salvador?

The video I suggest above will show you glimpses.

Above I wrote:

President Bukele had a plan…Cecot

He planned to build a Mega-Prison, Cecot.  And he did. I think Alcatraz might look more like a junior high detention center if you compare the two.

The newest prison in El Salvador is a mega facility that can hold 100 prisoners per cell and with only 2 toilets. (Can hold up to 40,000 total in the prison.)

All males have shaved heads and they wear only boxer shorts. They are chained together as they are coraled from location to location outside their cell. But that may be rare as I understand they do not get exercise in a yard outdoors.

I noticed the men all hunch over, but, I have not found out a reason why other than they are broken shells of men now. They appear to be merely lumps of tattooed flesh moving along on rows of ant trails. (I have no information on female inmates.)

I understand that they do not often move out of the cell, though. The only diversion outside of the cell is some kind of work that is supposed to pay restitution.

Meals get shoved into the cells securely through little window-like openings.

The bunks are cement.

There are no diversion activities.

There is no electricity in the cell. When the lights go out – it is completely black.

(Alcatraz had solitary confinement in small dark locked cells. I cannot imagine what would be worse. Being crowded in one dark, unsanitary, stinking cell with 99 testosterone-filled males or being alone in the dark 24 hours a day without a toilet or a bed. I don’t want to think long enough to decide. Both would be considered Hell on Earth.)

The theory is to “break the gang patterns of behavior.” I think imprisonment like the Mega-Prison in El Salvador would drive anyone mad.

When there are fights in a cell, the problem is confined to that cell making it easier to contain for the guards in full riot gear. My understanding is that punishment is severely harsh.

WARNING: you can see a video showing some of the prison and prisoners. This graphic and not suitable for children or those with weak stomachs.

Facts and figures vary. There may be up to 60,000 people in prison, now.

The guards are dressed in riot gear with machine guns. Their living conditions are designed to keep guards happy and content.


Rehabilitation for former gang members?

The options are limited to three:

  1. prison’
  2. hospital
  3. death

How are the prisoners treated and in what kind of living conditions?

(Prisoners are not treated well at all.You may choose to watch the videos -WARNING disturbing content.)

It sounds like this prison is in the middle of nowhere. Even better than Alcatraz was supposed to be – designed to be escape-free. There is no way to communicate with the outside world.


El Salvador is no longer the Murder Capital of the World.

  • How that has shifted to murders or accidental on-purpose death while incarcerated is anyone’s guess.
  • Living conditions have improved for the general public is the government’s main concern.


“Be careful with dealing with your war on gangs…because there is a gang economy…” 7:54 GANG ECONOMY

When you imprison a gang member, you imprison the wage earner who has the money to buy goods and services.

  • Will there be incentives to do the right thing if you don’t have to pay extortion to keep your business open?
  • Supposedly, the nation’s GDP should drop.

But did that happen in El Salvador?

The answer according to the “experts” in El Salvador can be explained in the video if you choose to watch it at the best time for you. My words could not adequately explain the inflections by the people in power and control.

President Bukele had a plan for the temporary financial downturn. – Ask China for help.

China has helped El Salvador survive, now, financially. (The answer will take us on another rabbit trail related to the border crisis in the US.) 

Will El Salvador be able to pay back this loan? Debt or a gift from China? Or was it a “loan” that kept El Salvador afloat?


Critics and victims:

Females as well as males have been arrested for being members of gangs. I should say allegedly.

It has been reported that there have been 215 deaths with thousands of abuses. But, family members do not know who, when, where how their prisoner died. Non-profit groups started by family members allege that corpses are removed like there has been a “cover-up”.

The families cannot find their loved ones (innocent or guilty). If dead, who knows? An official says that inmates “die in prison all over the world.”

Note: Please keep in mind that I am trying my best to share more than my opinion by sharing a side I may not agree with.

[There is an election in 2024. See a related video way down at the bottom of this post.]


El Salvador exports textiles to help bring in cash to keep the country running.


Feb 2, 2024
63,755 views • Feb 2, 2024

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has waged a “war on gangs,” imprisoning 1.6% of the country’s population. With a possible second term around the corner, those numbers could skyrocket.

Below is another version of the same mega-prison as investigated by the BBC in the UK.

BBC is a British public broadcast service. Wikipedia

Warning! Content may be disturbing. Not suitable for children.

If you click on it now, you may want to check the Watch Later option.

This is for Educational Purposes; Used under the Fair Use Act.


Still arresting tens of thousands of people, meanwhile, in 2023 the Miss Universe pageant was held in El Salvador the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, was introduced on stage.

The opening scene at the pageant is glamoursly cringeworthy in my mind. I encourage you to watch the video as you will get some important history that relates to why people don’t want to stop by El Salvadore to ask for asylum.

Warning: the content may be disturbing and is not suitable for children.


Description of video.

El Salvador has experienced problems with GANGS for the past 30 years however in 2022 President Nayib Bukele introduced a State of Emergency and news laws to tackle the gangs. A new MEGAPRISON was constructed, which is now the largest in the world, and the prison is FILLING UP after 73,000 Gang Members were arrested. In this video I provide an update on what is happening in El Salvador and we go behind the scenes for a full tour of the State of the Art Prison.


Here are some facts about El Salvador that you may have. I took the liberty under the Fair Use Act to quote a few facts from Wikipedia.

Central America is that skinny land mass between North America and South America.

El Salvador

Country in Central America

El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is a country in Central America. It is bordered on the northeast by Honduras, on the northwest by Guatemala, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. Wikipedia


What nationality are people from El Salvador?

  • El Salvador is the smallest nation in Central America, and 86% of El Salvador‘s population are mestizos while the rest are either Caucasian or indigenous. This racial diversity has enriched the culture of El Salvador. Spanish is the official and dominant language in the nation.

What do you call someone who is from El Salvador? – Quora


Map references

Central America and the Caribbean


total: 21,041 sq km

land: 20,721 sq km

water: 320 sq km

comparison ranking: total 153

Area – comparative

about the same size as New Jersey


Feb 4, 2024
Salvadorans living abroad vote in El Salvador’s general election at the Springdale polling site

El Salvador held their general election on Feb. 5, with many participating in Springdale. This is the first time the country has allowed citizens to vote abroad.


Despite safer living conditions and better security Salvadorans are migrating out of their country.

The following in the quote block is for you to click and read more about human migration out of Central America.

Fair Use Act for Educational Purposes.

  1. globalvoices.org · 2023/02/01 · despite-betterDespite better security, Salvadorans still migrating in 2023

    Feb 1, 2023 · There is no accurate statistic about how many people have left or are leaving El Salvador. Those who migrate illegally do not make it public or let the government know. Journalists usually use the numbers reported by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection of Salvadorans intercepted at the U.S. southern border to estimate migration statistics.
  2. progressive.org · latest · el-salvador-is-makingThe Other Americans: El Salvador Is Making Immigration More …

    Dec 1, 2023 · “The United States has extended its southern border into Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras,” Contreras says. “This could be interpreted as another effort to control the arrival of people at the [U.S. border with Mexico].”
  3. www.pewresearch.org · hispanic · fact-sheetSalvadorans in the U.S. | Data on Latinos | Pew Research Center

    Aug 16, 2023 · An estimated 2.5 million Hispanics of Salvadoran origin resided in the United States in 2021, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.
    Salvadorans in this statistical profile are people who self-identified as Hispanics of Salvadoran origin; this includes immigrants from El Salvador and …
  4. www.cgdev.org · blog · relationship-betweenThe Relationship Between Migration and Development in El …

    Is El Salvador a Catholic country?

    • Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 36%, other 2%, none 12% (2014 est.)
    • El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. It is well into its demographic transition, experiencing slower population growth, a decline in its number of youths, and the gradual aging of its population.

    El Salvador – The World Factbook

    • Migration from El Salvador
    • The Salvadoran Government’S Migration Policy
    • The Salvadoran Government’S Development Policy
    • U.S. Development Policy in El Salvador
    • Improving U.S. Migration and Development Policy Towards El Salvador

    Since 1950, El Salvador has been characterized by net emigration.

    According to the United Nations, 1.6 million Salvadorans lived abroad in 2019, 24.8 percent of the country’s total population. Such movement has a positive impact on local well-bring, including through receipt of remittances. Between 2001-2019, remittances comprisedat least 15 percen…


Well, there you have it: more than what you ever thought you wanted to know about who, what, where, and why immigrants are flocking to the USA from all over the world, but mostly from and through El Salvador.


But, wait…

There is more in this No Non-cents Nanna “Take Back Our Border” series that you really do need to know for your family’s safety and well-being. Below you will find the links to other parts of the series as I get each somewhat completed.

Heads up: Most posts in this series will likely be updated and edited as the world continues to turn on its axis and events happen. I hope this series helps you to pull together the individual news items so it makes more sense.

This border crisis and been in the making for a very long time. I know that most of us have had to shut out the warnings of annoying conspiracy theorists wearing tin-foil hats. We realistically cannot live balanced lives when we constantly listen to fear-mongers’ prophesies that have not panned out.

At this time, though,if individuals are watching the news reports or have favorite social media channels, we are aware of large democratically run sanctuary cities’ citizens complaining about the bad things the people off of the immigrant buses are doing to their city. And then, we go on about our day, thinking, “That does not affect me. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

For those who made it through any of my posts about Take Our Broder Back, I believe you will have already been wondering ‘what the heck is this all about’?.

The more you know, the better you are prepared to plan for the worst-case scenario and hope/ pray for the best.


I’m Malika Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna encouraging you to make good choices. Keep our children, families, and border safe.





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