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Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store

Do you love it when the kids love learning with dinosaurs?

Are you always looking ideas for dinosaur games: dinosaur activities or dinosaur party favors?
Want to participate as a volunteer to voice your opinion on dinosaur themes for kids? Do you like to little prizes? Stay tuned for announcment of local POP-up Shop in Colorado Springs and other imporatnat updatesHeart Felt Play Store Closed during relocation until July 4, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience!

Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Feedback from registered No Non-cents Nanna followers may receive special discounts to Heart Felt Play Store-see post for updates and current restrictions

 Post in process of updating:the FB event is now over.

Heart Felt Play Store host a Facebook Event to RATE DINOSAUR STUFF for KIDS to promote the on-line presence of this small one grandma owned and operated shoppe. Note: stock is limited but growing! Your feedback will valuable to the store’s growth. Owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne appreciates honest input…so she sends out little rewards to families who are willing to take a few minutes to get input….Heart Felt Play Store is run the old fashioned way.

This poster will guide Heart Felt Play Store customers Note: no porduct is guaranteed to be in stock Stock is limited; Heart Fellt Play Store is a one Nanna operation. Always order 2 to 3 weeks in advance of your special party/ event.

Since the event has ended this post is upded with some of the information and offers. Also check out 3 more pages of content from the event on No Non-cents Nanna website listed below

 Poll for parents and teachers:

Top seller on Heart Felt Play Store in the foam dinosaur mask set of 6.

In a previous poll I asked parents to ask the kids their thoughts. Now, parents or teachers are asked to evaluate their top 3 priorities like price point; quantity or style etc.

Please go to the link.…/dinosaur-m…

Is the description in need of tweaking? Leave your comments below, please. Good, Bad or Ugly feedback is welcome. For your time and effort, Malika Bourne owner of Heart Felt Play Store will send you a one-time use discount CODE. Have your purchase this same product before? Heart Felt Play Store can only email you with a discount CODE if your provide your contact information.

Feel free to try out the newly installed WISH LIST Ap on Heaert Felt Play Store..…/dinosaur-m…


“Want to make your own dinosaur birthday party invitations?” ( Or princess or super hero). Check out Smile Box. ( Not affilated with Heart Felt Play Store : only sharing a very cool link.)

“Don’t just invite guests. Delight guests with birthday invitation templates that set the scene for your best birthday party yet. Every birthday design in our diverse invite collection is carefully crafted by a team of animators, designers and writers, all with the goal of helping you get guests excited about the fun to come.”
“Delight guests with a unique invitation with your photos or videos, and music. It’ll be an invite they won’t forget.
• Choose from 100s of layouts and designs
• Quickly customize with your event details, photos, videos and music
• Email, Print or Post your invitation to Facebook
• Learn more »…

Here’s the deal about Heart Felt Play Store Facebook Events:

A Facebook Event is a fun way to promote No Non-cents Nanna’s tiny one-grandma on-line store. No Non-cents Nanna is still waiting to hear to your wants and needs for kids activity supplies that you may not have the time to gather up for a lesson or a party.

Parents, grand parents and teachers of kids ages 3 to 9 may voice their opinions about what kinds of things they want to have available for learning experiences for their child’s growth and developement, yet, not break the bank.

You have a unique opportunity to interact with the owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne. You can play a vital role in this fast growing on-line business with very special niche; fun stuff for the kids  with an education twist affordable prices.

*The more potential customers interact in the polls and the more sales that are generated the more the little prizes and discounts can be offered. So, feel free to share the invitation.

Heart Felt Play Store will be randomly offering dress-up boxes of other child favorite themes at ridiculousyl low prices at your request. Just ask.  First come first served. 

Heart Felt Play Store is FUN . Not Fancy. See Heart Felt Play Store on Facbook for current Facebook Events where you can voice your opinion on kids play activities, party themes and maybe win a little prize for kiddos or get a discount code for you favorite things to buy from Heart Felt Play store.

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Privacy protected:

Your private information will NEVER to shared. You will not be spamed.

Participants in the United States will be asked to PM Malika Bourne to be eligible to receive little prizes in the mail. Also, participants will be asked for email address to recieve discounts specially created for your wishes from Heart Felt Play Store.

At this time Heart Felt Play Store only accepts order from US residents only. Prize winners are limited to US residents only. Example of a prize: dinosaur tattoos (temporary). In order to qualify for a prize you must follow directions and participate in required easy surveys. There will be CAP in the number of  prizes person. All mailings will go out after the 2 weeks event has ended. (For those who order during the event prizes will go out with order,)

  Heart Felt Play Store invited tne public to  Facebook event with polls taht has now ended. The polls are still open and many of the best links have been edited in this post and 3 more posts via No Non-cents Nanna website. This post was edited for updates on May 18, 2017.
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