Silly Socks Take over Heart Felt Play Store Overnight

Pretend dinosaur legs

Pretend dinosaur legs Just the imagination of No Non-cents Nanna’s head as colorful adult womens socks were shortened to fit kids feet and spikes were sewn into dinosaur spines.

In the early morning hours silly pairs of  dinosaur socks appeared on the catalog of Heart Felt Play Store. Was it by magic? No, it was the Shopify’s  technology used by Heart Felt Play Store. Just when the socks took over the store…they sold out!

Love socks! Get inpired by following Socks or one lonely sock on my Pinterest board.

Sock History according to Nanna

In days of old when No Non-cents Nanna was young, socks were used to keep feet warm and protect our heels from blistering in our shoes. When a well worn sock got a hoe in the heel we might make a sock puppet with one and dust the dresser with the other one.

To make my stockings fancy, my Grandmother taught me how to embroider flowers in the cuffs of plain white anklets. (Coming soon to Heart Felt Play Store.)