Rules 9 thru 15 to Help Us All Feel Happy and Safe

Back to school time is the time to update and write out more rules of the house. No No-cents Nanna shares example of baby sitting rules that help kids to respect the sitter by focusing on the positive inn a fun way. copy right Malika Bourne

As your family prepares to go back to school in a few weeks, now is a good time to sit and to not only talk about house rules that keep every one safe, but, to write them on paper to post.

With a new schedule a new baby sitter may come on board. He/ he will need to have rules written out on paper as well. If you happen to be that new baby sitter, now is the time to make up your rules similar to mine.

Rules 9 through 15 are repurposed from one of my archived blogs.

Rule #13: Never Eat Yellow Snow

They are  just examples to show if you are the new babysitter  you will have rules prepared that you expect to be followed for safety. The kids can focus on the fact that you can still be enjoyable to come to their home to care for them while parents are out. READ MORE