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The Hand Writing on the Wall, the Doll, the Legs…

Learning to “write” is an exciting adventure for most children.

If you are the parent of  a 3 to 6 year old be FORE WARNED!

To lots like lots and lots of ink...

Tots like to “write” with lots and lots of ink…

Even very well supervised and best behaved child will practice every chance they get on anything and  everything available;

  • walls;
  • dolls;
  • legs and more…

If they get a hankering to draw they will find a way to mark on something.  No, drawing on other things than paper is NOT OK, but, it is normal behavior to want to see their art work and their name marking lots and lots of items.

We actually want our children to make some dumb choices so they can learn consequences.

Brand new wings decorated with permanent marker.

Brand new wings decorated with permanent marker.

In the above image, the 4 year old in my life  was 2 1/2 years old. She did this the first day I presented then to her, in about 20 seconds that I left her alone.

I wanted to scream, but, I remained calm; I’m a seasoned grand mother. “Oh, I see you decorated all by yourself. Next time you want do be an artist use paper I have in art box AND your own markers. My mistake- I left my marker on the table. The rule is you don’t use these markers until you’re 10 with a school project AND your ask first.”

She is stuck with those wings for 2 years.

I  never said another word. I did  not throw them away, nor, did I replace those wings until a few weeks ago with another Dollar Tree pair of wings.


2013-02-01 12.47.48

Now at age 4 my youngest grand child can write her name!

( No, that image is just scribbles. I’m not picturing her beautiful writing to protect the not so innocent.)

The other day she proudly wrote her name all over her legs until she ran out of space.

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When?  I’m not sure, except she did take a extra ordinary amount of time in the potty.

I had to laugh-to my self -as I bite my lip to keep from re-enforcing the negative behavior.

I remember her mommy had done the same thing years before. I knew that she would get pay her back some day…this is it!

…the  older siblings..and..we ALL have written our names on things we should not have. As awful as it is, that is normal behavior for that age.

The middle child, age 10, rolled her eyes at the little sister as she began to chew out the little one…

..until she saw I was holding up a few things with her name written over

over and over when she was in Kindergarten.

I did not say a word. My silence will have a greater impact on her conscious.

I admit, in the 1950’s that I had used permanent purple ink on my dress…the dress I had to forever hide the large spot behind a news paper or a stand the opposite way so Mom won’t know and kill me!

Trust me when I say,

” There are worse mistakes a child can make. Take a chill pill and let the child learn the consequences of a poor choice.”


Below is “Scary Baby” . Naked, but, she does have  a DIY beard and mustache.

( My baby doll looked a lot like that when I was 3.)

Scary Baby!

Scary Baby sporting art work of a 3 year old.

Even the best of us parents, grandparents and child care providers will look away for 30 seconds to turn around to find a highly decorated child.

Below are a few tips to save your very best from unappreciated art work.

  1. If you have children ages 0 to 10 NEVER own a pen or marker.
  2. Never use a marker  or pen in front of a child.
  3. Set rules: These are your crayons and markers. These are my pens and markers. I will keep my markers in a safe place. Where would you like to keep your markers so the dog won’t eat them?
  4. State: Here is paper and coloring books to you to use. When you run out then let me know so we can find just the right things to write on. Then we can post it on the frig…(along with 50 other pictures.)
  5. As an adult, take charge of your own writing tools and or delicate items. Don’t leave them where kids can be tempted.
  6. When the child mis-uses pencils and markers- and they will at least once- put them up out of reach in front of the child. “I see you are not ready to have markers to use just yet. You can try to use them properly on another day. (Walk away without saying another word.)
  7. Let the child feel the consequence of their mistakes while those OOPS are still minor ones.

No parent wants to take a child out in public wearing green and red marker on their face, really.

But, you do have choices.

  • Don’t take the child with you to the grocery store to pick out fruit, their favorite cereal or ride Penny the Pony. Get a baby sitter. They miss out- too bad! Maybe next time.
  • Take the child with you-as they are…too embarrassing? Embarrassing for who?

Let me tell you to hold your head high when you take out your marked child.

Every other parent and grand parents will LOOK KNOWINGLY with eyes that will burn, uncomfortably,  into the child’s memory with a lot more impact than a time-out or swat on the bottom.

If anyone in the grocery store tries to chastise you for being a terrible parent..WALK AWAY…they never raised child.


I’m Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, “Pick your battles. Let’s help our child learn the consequence of their own poor choices.”


Now it’s your turn to express your self. What do you  do when kids write on the wall, their the dolls and their legs?

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