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On Girls Dreaming of LONG LONG Hair

Decades ago, my 3 year old daughter dreamed of hair vey LONG LONG princess hair. so, she wore a pair of yellow tights on her short fuzzy blonde head.

Don’t laugh!  She was creative, as all children should be encouarged to be!


On Little Girls Dreaming of LONG LONG hair like Rapunzesls.

When she was 5 she still dreamed of having extremely long hair like princess Rapunzel. I wished I could giver her the untangled hair she fantasized about.

You will find yarn Long Long Hair Wig Heads Bands like you see above in the Princess Collection of the Heart Felt Play Scatalog. Click HERE to view.

  • Please note: Heart Felt Play store is a very small Family Business. Inventory is limited..but growing. We do everything there is to done with this litte on-line store and LOVE doing what we do!
  • Orders for Hand-crafted items in large quantities need extra time to fullfill. Be sure to communicate and order early. We love to treat you like we treat family and friends.

Update on special yarn wig orders August 11, 2017

See this yarn wig image on No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store; Dress-up Play Long Yarn Braided Wig. Note: only a few yarn wigs are left. Custom orders are accepted for cheap Halloween wigs for girls from September 1 until September 30th. Allow 2 to 4 weeks. Prices will vary depending on resources for supplies. TBA..

I believe this is a dream of overly long hair is shared by most little girls though the generations.


  • Most parents really don’t get excited about combing out tangels every day.
  •  The occassional lost and found gum in the hair is a mess.
  • The note from the school nurse that some one has head lice….skipping on….


When my daughter was 8 she got a part in a Wizard of Oz stage play as an Orange Munchkin.

That was when I learned to make yarn wigs. I made 20 Munchkin wigs for the cast.

For years afterwards I did not care to make any more yarn wigs for LONG LONG while.


More colors of Rapunzel inspired braided yarn wigs for girls to choose from




Now, my youngest grand child is 5 years old . She has every line memorized from Disney’s movie Tangeled.

Although the Kindergartener has plenty of long blonde hair of her own, she wants more! As do most little girls.

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Braided polyester yarn headband wig in white crated for the girls who dream of frozen princesses and queens


  • I can spin/ braid white yarn into frosted  princess / queen hair inspired by Frozen if you want.

I don’t care what color as long as I can find that color at a reasonable price.

Light brown yarn braided on a headband will make little girls’ dream of long long hair come true. Fairy tale Rapunzel inspired


  • I will add flowers to these long long yarn hair dress-up wigs are ready to ship to make a girls dreams come true.


What are your daughters favorite colors? I can’t guarantee any exact, but will do my best if you request with in a budget.

LONG, LONG dark brown yarn makes a beautiful princess headband wig. Over a yard in length for most dress-up play wigs from Heart Felt Play Store

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