Rules 9 thru 15 to Help Us All Feel Happy and Safe

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As your family prepares to go back to school in a few weeks, now is a good time to sit and to not only talk about house rules that keep every one safe, but, to write them on paper to post. Feel free to print on my rules.

With a new schedule and family routine  a new baby sitter may come on board. He/ he will need to have rules written out on paper as well. If you happen to be that new baby sitter, now is the time to make up your rules similar to mine. Keep reading No Non-cents Nanna has to say about discipline and baby sitters.

Rules 9 through 15 are repurposed from one of my archived blogs.

Rules helps every one to feel happy safe. When we write the rules all know what to expect or each other’s behavior. No Non-cents Nanna

Rule #13: Never Eat Yellow Snow

Rules help kids to feel safe. Rule #13 according to No Non-cents Nanna, “Never eat yellow snow.”

They are  just examples to show if you are the new babysitter  you will have rules prepared that you expect to be followed for safety. The kids can focus on the fact that you can still be enjoyable to come to their home to care for them while parents are out.

Rules 9 through 15 are repurposed from one of my archived blogs.

New baby sitters need to know the rules of the house set by parents then make up her/ his own fun rules just for fun. This is an example of silly rules to encourage cooperation from the kids. No Non-cents Nanna

9.Do NOT shrink when taking a bath.

10.Always sit quietly, chewing carefully when eating porcupines with sugar on it.

11. “Please” and “thank you” , the magical words, must be used wisely.

12. “When/then” will be strictly enforced by the babysitter with smiles from all involved,

13. NEVER eat yellow snow.( If you have a child that claims you have  no rules…ask them about rule #13.)

14. Must help the babysitter sing transition chants. (She can’t carry a tune in a bucket.)

15. Beds are made for sweet dreams. Tell the babysitter 2 happy thoughts before dream time.


WHEN a rule is broken THEN there is a CONSEQUENCE!

  • Have a list of consequences should the RULES of the Babysitter ever be broken.
  • Following the parent’s rules of the house is not  ever a choice to not follow.
  • Remember that the babysitter’s job never includes PUNISHMENT.
  • Discipline actually means TO TEACH to to inflict pain.
  • Time out comes with a warning first and is not a punishment.
  • Time out is simply taking time out to fix the problem before continuing with the game. Apply one minute per years of age.

Consequences for not listening:

Listening to the baby sitter for safety is NOT a choice. I encourage a baby sitter to firmly state when needed, ” This is NOT a choice. I want you to safe.” then re-direct to another activity. This is skill that does take practice.

  • Pretend child is 97 1/2 years old when they are in time out. ( A minute per year = 97 minutes. in time out.Yikes. Better to act ones age.)
  • Go to bed 13 minutes early.
  • Brush your teeth 33 times instead of one.
  • Play the silent games all by yourself for 7 minutes.
  • Listen to the baby sitter sing off key for 129 minutes.
  • Do 12 jumping jacks.
  • Flex and relax your muscles for 9 minutes.
  • Deep breathe in and out 21 times. ( Deep breathing like La Maz for child birth really does work for kids to get bevaior re-directed..)

Odd numbers and pysical tasks appeal to kids.

These are just suggestions.

  • Be sure to adapt your safety rules that are age appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that you do not want to overstimulate a child before bedtime.
  • Be pleasant and have fun. (Keeps ’em on their mannerly toes. Remember”manners help others  to feel more comfortable around us.”)
  • Consequences should never let a child get out of doing what is safe. Consequences should never be so fun that they encourage breaking the safety rules parents have set..
  • Have little rewards in your baby sitting bag. (I have  a post for that , too.)

Please note: Malika Bourne, author of No Non-cents Nanna blogs, is also the founder/ owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s  Heart Felt Play Store. Many posts will have clickable links to related store products. ( A shameless self promotion and free advertising.)

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Remember WHEN they follow Through THEN they get the reward.

(Example WHEN you get all the little cars in the box THEN I will teach you that silly song to sing or give you a piggy back ride to go brush your teeth)

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