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Hunt Dinosaurs of the Fun Kind

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Dinosaur Facts book marks -see post for where tor dino-dig them

Older kids still love Easter Eggs Hunts. But they may not go for the fluffy chicks and bunnies any more. But they will love to hunt for dinosaurs!

We parents may not want to give the kids candy. Let the kids hunt for DINOSAURS of the FUN KIND!

Dinosaurs are not only fun but EDUCATIONAL.

Dinosaur Facts Book Marks

We can fix this OOPS! All of our Dinosaur Book Marks are buried in our local Pop Up Shop traveling boxes.-Feel free to reach out by Email. We can set up a special temporary page on our catalog for you to purchase you choice of book marks- provided supply is available at the time. We will mail them in an envelop with a fun stamp on Nanna  I mean the envelop.