Hunt Dinosaurs of the Fun Kind

Older kids still love Easter Eggs Hunts. But they may not go for the fluffy chicks and bunnies any more. But they will love to hunt for dinosaurs!

We parents may not want to give the kids candy. Let the kids hunt for DINOSAURS of the FUN KIND!

Dinosaurs are not only fun but EDUCATIONAL.

Dinosaur Facts Book Marks

Dinosaur Facts book marks -see post for where tor dino-dig them

We can fix this OOPS! All of our Dinosaur Book Marks are buried in our local Pop Up Shop traveling boxes.-Feel free to reach out by Email. We can set up a special temporary page on our catalog for you to purchase you choice of book marks- provided supply is available at the time. We will mail them in an envelop with a fun stamp on Nanna  I mean the envelop. ( Don’t worry we do NOT sell email addresses to anyone.

Have you explored our new Heart Felt Play Store home?

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Mini Dinosaur Busy Boxes are perfect for a party favor or to stash in mom’s purse for those time when the kids need something to quietly keep occupied.

  • Simple Jurassic dinosaur party favors, small gift for clam down activities children love.

This set includes:

  • plastic 3 1/4″. case with ferocious dinosaur picture
  • 12 stickers
  • notepad
  • three assorted crayons. Safe and non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
FREE shipping on order of $39 or more.

Dinosaur claw Excavation Kit

Dinosaur Claw Excavation Kit

Our Dinosaur claw excavation kit is perfect for elementary science classroom; dinosaur birthday party.
The Jurassic party souvenir is suggested for children age 8 and over.

Excavate a buried dinosaur claw.

Each 3″ x2′ x 2 1/4′ boxed kit Includes:

  • 1 earthen block with a plastic dinosaur claw buried somewhere inside.
  • 1 dusting brush
  • 1 digging tool
  • 1 information sheet
  • After the dinosaur discovery, save the tools for another dino dig.

Perfect for elementary science classroom; dinosaur birthday party.
The Jurassic party souvenir is suggested for children age 8 and over.

Warning NOT for children under age 3.

Explore Heart Felt Play Store for more dinosaurs!

Email us for better price for parties of 6 or more.

Free shipping on orders over $39

Our Dinosaur Excavation Kit will be specially priced for the Colorado Springs Housewives in the City event September 27, 2018– any thing can happen to our quantity of dinosaur claws then!


Dinosaur Plastic Skeleton Bones Set

Dinosaur Plastic Skeleton Bones SetGreat Jurassic Party Keepsake that will survive kids play for years to come.
Set of 6 different 5 1/2″ dinosaurs skeletons right down to their plastic bare bones.

  • Party favor or stocking stuffers.
  • Pre-historic theme birthday cake-topper
  • Paleontology play: bury in the clean sand to excavate this 6 piece set.
  • These washable dinosaurs love bubble baths too.

Free shipping on orders over $39.Usually Ships in 24 Hours

The above image is a set of 6 different 5 1/2″ dinosaurs skeletons right down to the bare bones. To view in Heart Felt Play Store Catalog click HERE 

Explore the store: Heart Felt Play Store Collections then SHOP!

Do the Dinosaur Thing with the Kids:

Dinosaur themes are fascinating for pre-K children and elementary school ages to study.

  • Earn a dinosaur as a reward:

What kid would not want to collect a whole bag of dino bones as a reward for a job well done? ( Keep is mall – only one at a time.)

  • Give plastic dinosaurs as a Party Favor. They last longer than a piece of cake.
  • Paleontology play: freeze in ice for a frozen Tundra; bury in clean sand or potting soil to excavate this 6 piece set.
  • Cake decoration
  • Comparisons: compare to see what is different about each of the 6 dinosaur skeletons.
  • Identify the skeletons with pictures of the “Big Lizards” with their skin on.
  • Make a mobile for room decor.


Easter Egg Hunt of the Dinosaur Kind:

Older kids still love the Easter Egg Hunt Events, but have outgrown the warm and fuzzy chick or cotton bunny.

Give ’em dinosaurs in some eggs and they spell the names quicker can you spell Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Wikipedia definition, too.

How is that for getting excited about learning?


For more dinosaur inspiration see post:

Felt Dinosuars are Alive and Well: Finger Plays and Games 

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Dinosaur Sensory Play Box from Heart Felt Play Store

The End 

Did you know that the No Non-cents Nanna owns Heart Felt Play Store on-line?

No Non-cents Nanna’s store is growing with fun stuff kids love. We are in the process of adding Melissa & Doug toys for drop shipping to our e-commerce catalog in time for Christmas this year. It is long process doing it by hand but it will be worth the wait.

New items are added weekly.

CEO, founder, owner, Malika Bourne used to do it all, She treats you like she does family and now delegates tasks to more elves and fairies…wink..wink.

Heart Felt Play Store is a one grandma operation with the support of her own family. Our fairies and elves are not allowed to use the phone- so feel free to email us for quickest resonce 


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