Dinosaur Sensory Play Box

Exploring all things dinosaurs seems to be most pre-K to early elementary kids favorite learning theme.

No Non-cents Nanna once included of dinosaurs pieces parts in her Heart Felt Play Store Collections.


DINOSAURs grew BIGGER! For Pterodactyl Wings and Dinosaur/ Dragon wings go to Oriental Trading Company to purchase fun dinosaur products at whole prices. ( Not affliated.) *

See the Pinterest Board: Sensory Activites Paying Attention  and Dino Dig on

Please note the on-line store has closed permanently in order to have more time to care for a loved one with health issues. Content is being edited. Some images once Buyable on Pinterest are no longer for sale. We decided since the images inspired so many that we would attempt to leave many post still in publication.


Dinosaur Sesnory Play Box fromHeart Felt Play Store: various sizes and textures of plastic dinosaurs; frog moss to dig thru', rocks, plastic trees. See post

Dinosaur Sensory Play Box created by Heart Felt Play Store: various sizes and textures of plastic dinosaurs; frog moss to dig thru’, rocks, plastic trees. Hunt and gathering fun.

Kids love to play with dinosaurs.


Dinosaur Discovery Excavation Kit for Kids over age 7

Dinosaur Claw Excavation KitClick HERE to purchase Dinosaur Claw Excavation Kits

 Let give a big pre-historic roar for these stuffed tails of dinosaurs!


Dinosaur Skeletons have returned…then again they are disappearing, again….

Dinosaur skelton are a great addition to some sensory play boxes. Make fun dinosaur party favor

Dinosaur skeletons are a great addition to some sensory play boxes. Make fun dinosaur party favor

More dinosaur play 

Reusable dinosaur stickers on a paper scene. Personally, I place the paper scene inside a plastic sheet that is used for a 3-ring binder. Not included in the Dinosaur Sensory Play Box.

Dinosaur sticker scenes are fun adn reusable. Kids love'em.

Dinosaur sticker scenes are fun and reusable. Kids love’em.

WARNING! Not intended for children under age 3. Choking hazard

One Dinosaur Sticker Scene Set includes:

  1. One sheet of 34 acid free stickers that may be re=positioned as child wishes. ( Not adhesive)
  2. One 11 x 8 1/2 paper pre-historic scene to decorate.

So Sorry currently we only have these available in our local POP Up Shop Box



Most popular Heart Felt Play Store item is…drum roll……

While some of dinosaur products are making way for other toys- we hoarded foam dinosaur masks just in case.


Our most popular dinosaur party favor s- the 6 piece dinosaur mask set at HeartFeltPlayStore.com

Temporary Tattoos

At local POP UP Shops In Colorado Spring TBA

Talk about Dinosaurs…

Heart Felt Play Store’s Dinosaurs got BIGGER! These will make such awesome Christmas holiday gifts for the kids. We are working on our holiday packaging making it easier for you.https://www.heartfeltplaystore.com/dinosaur-mask-party-set-p/dinosaur-mask6.htm




Pterodactyl Wings

One Pair Pterodactyl Wings Our pterodactyl wings flew in.. and flew out just as fast! ONlY a few left as of 9/23/18 .Choice of 3 colors: orange, blue, yellow/green or let us pick for you. For a limited time we are including one FREE dinosaur mask with co-coordinating colors




Don’t wait for a better price on Black Friday or Cyber Monday– our elves tend to eat too much turkey and pumpkin pie- they sleep it off for days.

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