The Key Smooth Baby Sitting Transitions shared by No Non-cents Nanna

The secret key to undesrstanding misbehavio rin chidlren is to hold the key to smooth transitioning from one activity to another. Image copy right 2014 Malika Bourne all rights reserved.

Summer vacation is almost over for school age children. Transitioning from summer time play to getting up for school in the morning may be a challenge in some families.

Whether you are a baby-sitter; older sibling; parent; or teacher No Non-cents Nanna has a secret key that will help you.

The key is to understand that transitioning from one activity to another is hard for some kids, but disaterously worse for others.

Yes, you can nip a big problem behavior in the bud while keeping the kids safe when you are in charge.

Remember, when you are in charge you are not the “friend”. But, that does not mean you can’t be pleasant as you expect cooperation.. so, be pleasant!

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5 Things Babysitters Should do BEFORE Parents Leave the House

This old No Non-cents Nanna post on silly babysitting tricks of the child-care trade has been updated to include outstanding resources:

  1. Where to find classes for babysitters certification.
  2. Develop new skills
  3. Where to find CPR and First Aid Classes
  4. Learn more with 4-H
  5. Learn to critter-sit chickens and other farm critters.
  6. Prepared parents can rely on a prepared babysitter

Read 5 tips on what to do before parents leave you as the babysitter alone with the kids!

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