Pirate Costumes and Real People with Disabilites

As, I am finishing up dramatic play pirate costumes, I am very hesitant about missing sales over the pirate hooks and peg legs we tend to associate with the pirate party themes.

Why? Because the loss of limb is not fun. I never want children to get the wrong ideas about disabilities.

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How to Laugh about Bugs in Your Hair: April Fools Fun!

Most of us  parents and camp nurses, like me, who have nit picked heads of hair will tell you bugs in the hair is no laughing matter.

But there are times when we need put away our fine tooth combs a for a good laugh when we exclaim, “You have bugs in your hair!”

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3 Things I HATE About Crafting

Girls eyes will light up when they see these tiny purple nut cup hats on a head band Each hat is unquely hand crafted.

Among my many interests and titles I am pleased to say that I was a crafter.

I love imagining the end product then breaking down the steps to complete my creation. BUT, I hate 3 things about the process of crafting.

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