Introducing the Man in the Wheelchair to the New Neighborhood

My son, the service-dog-in-training and I moved last Sunday to an amazing new neighborhood. We have a sliding door with a little patio that opens up to fresh air and a world of friendly neighbor kids. It is time to meet the neighbor and with all of their questions about David’s wheelchair and his dog. All children have innocent curriosity that deserve honest answers along with boundary setting for the dog and the kids.

We have a courtyard and a small patio for David and Amber his Service-Dog-in-Traoing. It is time to meet our new neighbors.

“I know the people who lived in your apartment,” a six year old exclaimed.

“Cooll! Now you know us, David and his service dog in training, Amber, and me. Everyone calls me Nanna”

“Is that your brother? He has a wheelchair and robot legs!” The boy declared.

My son David has MS. He depends on a motorized wheelchair. He wears AFO’s (Ankel Foot Orthosis) for his ankle support. The nieghobr child have declared David has ROBOT LEGS.


I felt like I hit the jack pot in compliments with these childrens’ questions!

” Wow! You all have lots of questions. “Actually David is my son. You can talk to him. He is funny sometimes.”

“Can I play with your service dog?” interrupts another currious child. Amber, was wearing her service-dog in training vest that some of the kids could read.

“The dog’s name is Amber. She is not a pet, so srooy, she can’t play with kids.. Amber is leaarning to a service dog. She is learning to work for David. She can pick up things or pull the shut. She has to pay attention to him or to me as I train her at all times. I can see taht she thinks you are cuter to look at then David is..ha ha…Would you like help her to focus on David? You will be able to help her learn to not jump up on people, tho and watch her do some neat tricks. I will show you how to help Amber learn.”


“Do you like dinosaurs?” Questioned a six year old.

“Oh boy, do I LOVE Dinosaurs!” When I finish moving my No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play store into our new home office, these neighobrs kids will find out how much I LOVE dinosaurs! I am planning a Dinosaur Dig in the complex’s sandbox for my grandkids and new neighbor kids soon.

This poster will guide Heart Felt Play Store customers Note: no product is guaranteed to be in stock Stock is limited; Heart Fellt Play Store is a one Nanna operation. Always order 2 to 3 weeks in advance of your special party/ event.

My grand daughter has had her eyes on my Heart Felt Play store Polka Dot Dog Ears and Tail Set. I let her have a set which she ran to get when another little stated, “Look at me I can be a dog. Arf! Arf!’ ( Not picturing any neighbor children for safety and privacy.)

Sophie-Do-It pretends to be a polka dog dog with Amber Service- dog-in-training.. Sophie is is a family member., so she can play with Amber at play time. Otherwise Amber must learn to ignore kids out in public.


A few days later some of the middle school neighbor kids were watching David loading up in the wheelchair Taxi.

“What is wrong with him that he needs a wheelchair?”

My son David used to be an athlete. He was a fast runner and had black belts in martial art. Then he got MS or Mulitple Sclerosis which means “many scares. He can’t even stand any more.”

“Oh! So it is kind of like he broke his back and can’t use his legs any more!” The young girls nodded their heads in agreement. They were satisfied with a simple answer and made thier deductions.

I think we aare going to like it here with all the friendly faces who have accepted David in his wheelcahir and his “robot legs”.

. David has more opportunities to get out of the house and be indendant. We now live only 2 block away from the “Corner of Happy and Healthy” (Walgreen’s) and 2 pizza places.

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