Multi-Purpose Kids Bike Helmets Recalled Due to Risk of Head Injury; Sold Exclusively on; Sold by Ouwoer Direct (Recall Alert)

Parents if you ordered your kid’s bike helmet from Amazon check out this recall.


Now, look at what the US Government is “controlling”… (Snarky No Non-cents Nanna wants to make a point to ‘fear-mongers’.)

The US government agency the CPSC does not want kids to wear bike helmets (Stop reading here if you want to take this statement out of context) that don’t protect their brains in the event of a crash.

  • The recalled helmets do not comply with the positional stability and impact attenuation requirements of the CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets.
  • The helmets can fail to protect a child in the event of a crash, posing a risk of head injury.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled helmets and contact Ouwoer Direct for a full refund.

To receive a refund, consumers should destroy the helmet by cutting off the straps, then email a photo of the helmet with the straps cut off to as proof of destruction.

Consumers should dispose of the recalled helmets after submitting proof of destruction. Ouwoer Direct is contacting all purchasers directly.




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