12 Kinds of Toys Do Pre-School Kids REALLY Need

In my last No Non-cents Nanna post Registered Character Gifts Versus Generic Toys I promised to continue with a list for kinds of toys pre-school children, aproximately ages 2 to 6 really need. Below is my very simple list based on decades of experience from working with early childhood developmental teams.   Simple Supplies to Begin to Collect […]

Registered Character Gifts Versus Generic Toys

‘Tis the season of gift giving when family and friends wonder what gifts will be most appreciated by a pre-Kindergarten child. The toys and clothes with the more expensive registered characters get the most advertising and most appealing packaging may cause us to be some what confused about what to buy a young child whose […]

What Can a 3 year old do in the Kitchen?

Prior to the health scare of 2020, many parents were sending their pre-kindergarten children to daycare so they could work. With the “lockdowns” or businesses shuttering doors, many parents had no choice but to stay-at-home self-isolating with 3,4, and 5-year-old kids experiencing dramatic changes in routines.  As parents were challenged with juggling work from home […]