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There is Simple Beauty in a Bottle of Bubbles and a Small Child

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This old No Non-cents Nanna loves the simplicity of childhood. Give a small child a small bottle of bubbles and a bubble wand is better than discovering a burried treasure. 

There is a simple beauty in a bottle of bbuble and a small child

 I feel very blessed to have been able to capture some beautiful moments with this four year old and her bottle of bubbles.

There is a simple beauty in a bttle of bubbles and a small child

 There is so much simple joy to watch the wide eyed wonderment in a child’s face.

There is a simple beauty in a bottle of bubbles and a small child

 Children learn so much from being able to use their imaginations in a relaxed way.

There is a simple beauty in a bottle of bubbles and a samll child

Encourage your family to relax and explore natural beauty  like a simple bubble blown in the wind just for fun.

Meet my model, Sophi-Do-It.


Photography by Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna of Colorado Springs,Colorado

Copy right March 2015. Permission to PIN and social share from this site provided credit is given to Malika Bourne  Colorado Springs Colorado copyright 2015 Watermark made on

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