Beware of Trick or Treat Choking Hazards!

Now that Trick or Treat night has left most young families with bags of candy and other treats begging to be eaten…some of which may be choking hazards…



…this old No Non-cents Nanna has to ask this: Would you know how to save a choking person?

When a person is choking they usually grab their throat and can't speak.

When a person is choking they usually grab their throat and can’t speak.

When I was 14 years old I witnessed a young mother do something very strange that saved her tot’s life and changed my life forever.

This very frightened woman grabbed her choking child by the leg to hang him upside down then slapped him on the back.

Out of this kid mouth not only poured vomit, but a slobbery golf ball size jaw breaker/candy.

(Not a pretty site!)

Let me tell you that scared the crap out of me!


How did this mother know how to do this?

In 1964, I was 14, we did not have public life saving CPR classes that I knew of. But I knew that I wanted to know how to save lives from that moment on.

I dedicated my live to teach safety and prevention in my nursing career.

Not only did I learn First and and CPR, but I got certifed to teach life saving courses.

  • Do not be so stupid as to give a kid something to put in his mouth to choke and let them run around. A child has no idea from experience of what he/she could get stuck in the air way.


  • Learn how to know what to do in an emergency.

When I launched my on-line persona as the No Non-cents Nanna in October 2011 my then 11 year old grand daughter filmed this You Tube video of me showing a few of the many things kids ( grown-ups, too ) could possibly choke on.

  • After watching my video did anything surprise you?
  • Have you updated your First Aid and CPR certificates, folks?

This post/ video does not replace a real course on how to save a person who is choking. Sign up for a certified course then follow through with the class on life saving techniques.

Note: This post was edited from previously posted articles by Malika Bourne.

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