Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine: UGLY Sweaters and Opinions that is!

Just for fun, and a contest, last year I, the No Non-cents Nanna, made the UGLIEST SWEATER EVER! I did not win the prize. The winner had lights on her pretty sweater. But we all got a good laugh!

Heart Felt Play Store is DIFFERENT than other mass produced highly marketed kids products today.

Read my opinion then tell me yours.


No Non-cents Nanna made the UGLIEST Sweater EVER! On purpose!

No Non-cents Nanna made the UGLIEST Sweater EVER! On purpose!


Do you recall your grandmother lovingly knitting for hours your Christmas Sweater?

You were so excited to open presents only to find you got the MOST UGLY SWEATER from Grandma!

Through out the winter Grandma would write a letter asking if you are wearing THAT sweater, you hated, every day to school. She had a way of making you wear THAT thing! UGH!

While everyone else wore Yoga pants No Non-cents Nanna dances to the her own beat in a poodle skirt and can-can! Yes a few '50 skirts are available on SALE

While everyone else wore Yoga pants No Non-cents Nanna dances to the her own beat in a poodle skirt and can-can! Yes a few ’50 skirts are available on SALE

All those colors and and shapes weren’t what every other elementary or Junior High kid wore. I y wore that thing you knew you would stick out like a sore thumb as EVERYONE, even the teachers, would laugh at you FOREVER!….Need I type more about humiliation?

Ugly sweater are highly marketed now days. You buy one then you hide it away for next year. You really don’t need an ugly sweater, except to keep warm.

Now days you wish you could fit into THAT old UGLY sweater so you could be the LIFE of the Party and win the Prize! Your kids may like the UGLY SWEATER because it is a trend.

Share your Ugly Sweater picture so all the world can see!





Heart Felt WORDS of WISDOM

I, No Non-cents Nanna a great-grand mother, I am overflowing with wisdom for you:

  • Kids like to look like their peers, not grandma’s tastes.
  • Kids like to make their own choices based on their own preferences, not ours.
  • Kids do not have a sense of humor when it comes to own insecurities of not being like the rest of the kids. (Marketing greatly affects what trends kids follow.)
  • Children LOVE to use their imagination.
  • They love the basics tho’ ; marketing and fancy packages tease them to fall for other stuff.
  • Parents, grand parents need a plan and rules for taking the kids shopping.


Go figure!

  • In the world of business, selling your self or product is all about getting attention to stand out among the crowded competition, kind of like the ugly sweater kids don’t want to wear..or do they? (Please note: due to family health reasons, No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store is CLOSED.)

We want the right kind of attention, don’t we?

  • Personally, as an older woman making fun things for kids I NEVER want to cause responsible parents to go broke or their children to throw a tantrum over my marketing.
  • Kids needs basics!
  • I hand-make the basics that are inexpensive.

And a word about non-basics…

How many parents have been under the scrutinizing eyes of the entire grocery store when when some child (me included) wanted a well marketed candy bar. of toy? I have never know a child who threw a fit over not getting a raw carrot or liver and onions nor an UGLY sweater that are good for them.

  • Fresh food is a basic.
  • Non-essentials in the hierarchy of needs do not need expensive marketing to sell junk food that no one really needs.
  • Kids need simple things for dress-up clothes; large and small motor brain stimulating things to play with. Most can be found in your own home or you can make things. (I make just those kinds of things to save parents time.)

As a parent I sure have had to teach my children proper behavior in the stores.! As a child I sure threw a few tantrum or 2 in public, butt, I learned real fast how to behave, if you know what I mean…

  • The responsible parents firmly and consistently says “NO” even when the child is getting negative attention from on-lookers.

But that candy bar or toy was marketed get our child’s attention. The packaging says they HAVE to have that well marketed eye catching product….or in our immaturity we all emotionally….MELT DOWN…into a …FULL BLOWN TANTRUM! 

SHAME on the companies who market with cute characters and fun colors intentionally attracting our children’s sugary junk food or expensive toys!!! 

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store is different with simple packaging and little marketing…saves us all money. Plus it allows the kids to explore.

Negative Attention works with temper tantrums and marketing.

A child quickly learns that when they are allowed to keep throwing tantrums to get what they want…NEGATIVE ATTENTION WORKS!

This old No Non-cents Nanna refuses to resort to this kind of sales tactic that encourages mis-behavior. No pressure here.

 Temper Tantrum inciting is not acceptable for a grown up professional business women trying to get attention, in my No Non-cents Nanna book of rules.

If I want to attract attention for my business: I take my cues from Carol Burnett, the be-loved comedian. She allowed her self to be vulnerable about things we all fear vulnerable about. I will wear an Ugly Sweater or an extra large tutu to get attention of potential customers.

  • I step out of the Comfort Zone to LOOK DIFFERENT even if I have to wear my UGLY Sweater to get attention of my targeted market. (Yes, I am in business to make a profit for a living.)
  • I NEVER tease tempt the kids with breaking mom and dads rules.
  • If I have a SWAG BAG or a candy cane I give them ONLY to parents with a pleasant and firm statement, ” Mom and Dad are in charge of passing this out when they decide.”

There for, I will be friendly in my UGLY Sweater; snowman costume or something silly to attract potential customers.

No Non-cents Nanna turns her self into a snowman with round buttons and hat.

No Non-cents Nanna turns her self into a snowman with round buttons and hat.

  • Now its your turn to show me your..opinion:

Parents, can YOU relate to this old No Non-cents Nanna being different?

What are your ideas of family friendly shopping?


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