Go Buggy at Heart Felt Play Store with Summer Bug Theme

From Heart Felt Play Store Blog: Bugs are in for the Summer! Check out the Bug Collection in Heart Felt Play store…it’s GROWING!

New Heart Felt Play Store BUG theme products shown off in the post. Update link to BUG Board inspiration on No Non-cents Nanna’s Pinterest board.

Looking for bug collections the kids will love? No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play Store: buy fun kid theme collections that you can’t get just any where in small quantities: . https://no-non-cents-nanna.myshopify.com/

“What is summer time with out bugs? Parents and teachers now is the time to infest our kids learning experiences with buggy things.

Our ecological system needs bugs, so, lets make the most of it by studying bugs with the kids this summer, encourages No Non-cents Nanna from Heart Felt Play Store.

In No Non-cents Nanna’s memory as an early childhood educator and Pediatric nurse next to dinosuars, bugs were always very popular with the kids as things to talk about or themed rewards.”

 More & More BUGS of the fun kind infest Heart Felt Play Store:

Check it out! Click links to store products below to go BUGGY!

DIY Bug Masks Set: 

Future entomologists will have a hard time choosing just one cute foam bug mask from he set of 6 unique designs.

Bug Party Favor Bags:



BUG Temporary Tattoos:

Bug Tattoos That Wash Off: Party Favor Add-on Heart Felt Play Store


Bug Stickers:

Bug Stickers: set of 6 realistic bug images Heart Felt Play Store

DIY Lady Bug Bracelet kits:


 Bug Eggs: inprocess of editing the last in stock. Contact Heart Felt play store for money saving deal.

Bug Headband: there’s a bug in your hair:

Cap with a bug in it:


Let’s get more & more creative and crafty!

Heart Felt Play Store Shares Inspire for More & More Creativity:


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