Living Word Cult Survivors Video Collection 5

This No Non-cents Nanna post is the 5th page with a growing list of videos made by other Church of the Living Word Cult former members.

Please note that there are other churches who DBA nonprofit churches with the same name but have no affiliation to The Chruch of the Living Word founded by John Robert Stevens.

The former tax-exempt, claimed to be a Christian organization, in reality, was a pyramid scheme cult.

Trigger WARNING to survivors of cults and abuse from trafficking.

Innocent people got caught in a tangled web of deceit. How does a
hometown church go from Sunday School to a cult?


There are many victims and many survivors who are currently seeking healing from the cult. (I encourage private therapy.)

Many survivors have questions about how The Chruch of the Living Word “cult” founded by John Robert Stevens was attracted to or found themselves “enslaved” or “trafficked” by the group’s leaders. Others found that they had selflessly donated their property that their children should have inherited but was a part of money laundering by those at the top of the pyramid.

Some of us former members are and have been very vocal or have filed lawsuits. Some of us have been ostracized – gone through Hell – paying a heavy emotional price for speaking up about “wrongs”. It took decades to finally have a few willing to listen to our collective traumas about going against the grain of leadership.

Others may still be quietly in shock when they are presented with facts that they never were clearly aware of.

Then, there are those from the late John Robert Stevens’ following who seeth at the truth being revealed like missing jigsaw puzzle pieces.

I hope you find some healing benefits from more of the videos that I have collected.

This video directly below is a must-watch/ listen to.

BTW I, Malika Bourne, am quoted from my No NOn-cents Nanna blogs. I think that this really helps to pull this puzzle together.

For former members who don’t recognize my pen name, Malika Bourne, I was one of the “Nancy’s” from Christian Tabernacle of Washington, Iowa.


Apr 21, 2022
144 views • Apr 21, 2022

John Robert Stevens wrote when he was just 14 years old: “My joy must be in doing His will, in being His slave, in the confidence that whatever comes to me, when following Him, is His doing. In a real sense, I make Him responsible for my life.” He was writing about Jesus Christ, but it would turn out in the decades following that he could well have been writing to his future devotees as to how they should feel about himself. Research sources at Written and Hosted by Sarah Steel Special Guest Caleb LaPlante Music by Joe Gould March 18th, 2020 1 hr 24 mins 50 secs Season 3 Twitter Instagram… Facebook




Aug 23, 2023
• Aug 23, 2023

“Born and raised in The Living Word Fellowship, hosts Scott Barker and Charity Navalesi discuss their experiences growing up in this modern day cult, conducting in-depth interviews with other former members and exploring the hidden truths of an organization that masqueraded as a non-denominational Christian church for over 70 years, at its peak growing to 100 chapters in 10 countries. In 2018, a former member came forward on social media with allegations of mental, emotional and sexual abuse within the church, spawning a movement of truth-telling that caused the almost immediate demise of the organization, its entire leadership resigning as more and more accusations of misconduct were revealed. In this podcast we’ll discuss the history of the organization, its ultimate collapse, and the effects of its abusive culture and toxic leadership on former members. Adding a touch of humor, because if you can’t laugh about it, it just sucks too intensely, Scott and Charity unpack their and others’ experiences, how they’re recovering from religious abuse and navigating life today, and the moment they realized, “Oops! I’m in a cult!”. Hey, it happens.”


The Secrets of the Unwritten Book

This is simply the Heads Up on a fictional novel related to falling prey to another cult leader written by Malika Bourne aka the No Non-cents Nanna.


Malika Bourne is the primary author of The Secrets of the Unwritten Book


This may be a good time to give you the heads-up that I, Novelist Malika Bourne, am working on a podcast/ video where I read my cult-related novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book available on Amazon

Follow the podcasts and video versions on various platforms there will be comment sections open to discussions and questions about how easy it is to leave one cult and then fall into another. I will have a new updated Facebook account set up to be announced soon – Coming by mid-September 2023.

I have some new skills to learn before I get the novel narrated and published. (The current first and 2nd publications are in desperate need of editing – I’m doing that as well before I make an Amazon Kindle version.) My goal is to have everything published by the end of 2023. (Provided the Kingdom doesn’t come before then.)

Close friends from the Living Word Cult on the Facebook group may feel free to offer some help with editing and feedback.

The Secrets of the Unwritten Book are NOT about JRS’s Living Word cult. However, I believe that the storyline demonstrates how easily it is to fall into a narcissistic wanna-be cult leader’s delusion. The time seems right to pull this novel out of mothballs. Besides, I need some loved ones to light a fire under my behind to get a steel completed; A World Disconnected.



Attention: More Living Word Cult videos are to be added once they are available.


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We love it when you help get the word out. thank you for sharing on social media.

It is easy to fall prey to a nefarious cult leader – it is harder to leave them – but you can recover with help – we need you to talk about this subject factually and with empathy – learn what you can.

  • Ask thought-provoking questions while being warm and curious. Be prepared to listen deeply. You will know if you have listened well if you can repeat back to them what they said.
  • Keep conversations positive, productive, and civil. Never get angry. Stay resourceful. It is better to end the interaction than to say something counter-productive.
  • Adopt a general tone of curiosity and interest in their positions. Pretend you’re an impartial counselor. Really try to get inside their beliefs.
  • Try to connect them with their authentic identity before these extreme beliefs. Remind them of pa


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