Mothers of the World Want Peace on Earth: Time-Out Chair Strike

No Non-cents Nanna is calling on all mothers* of the world to unite as

one Earthly Mother to Strike

for Peace on Earth before it is too late.

It is my sacred honor and responsibility as a mother to exercise my right to speak freely to the government of the United States of America about the health and safety of our family. I will do so as I educate my fellow American parents to teach their children.

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Go Buggy at Heart Felt Play Store with Summer Bug Theme

Looking for bug collections the kids will love? No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play Store: buy fun kid theme collections that you can’t get just any where in small quantities: .

From Heart Felt Play Store Blog: Bugs are in for the Summer! Check out the Bug Collection in Heart Felt Play store…it’s GROWING!

New Heart Felt Play Store BUG theme products shown off in the post. Update link to BUG Board inspiration on No Non-cents Nanna’s Pinterest board.

“What is summer time with out bugs? Parents and teachers now is the time to infest our kids learning experiences with buggy things.

Our ecological system needs bugs, so, lets make the most of it by studying bugs with the kids this summer, encourages No Non-cents Nanna from Heart Felt Play Store.

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Teach Your Kids to Sew This Spring Break

Do you or your kids know how to sew on a button or mend a ripped hem on your skirt?

Spring Break 2020  (COVID-19 shutdown time) is the perfect time to learn to sew, thread needle, hem a skirt.

I added on 3/19/2020  clickable links to 8 sites that will give you and your children some fun ideas for home school – prevent cabin fever.

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Farm Animal Theme Inspiration for Kids Play: Resource

Kids love learning about Farm animals.

For those who, like myself, who love to teach the 3 to 8 years olds know that the barnyard animals provide so much fun inspiration to share. Below is a list of links to images Heart Felt Play Store Collection for sale with the  Farm Animal/ Barnyard Collection

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Working on Farm Theme for Kids Activities: behind the scenes sneak peak

I used to love preparing fun themes for pre-K learning experiences when I was an early childhood educator/ nurse in my younger years.

View this short video how my grand daughter Sophie-Do-It plays with some of the farm animal theme stickers and more.

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