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50 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas That Start with a Tee-shirt

Before the Halloween Pop Up Shops open their doors in town to lure you in to horrifying prices let’s think about how to save money this years by making a DIY Halloween costume with your child. I will list    of my own ideas then share with you a list of craft supplies, trims and pieces parts to embellish your DIY costume along with your creativity. READ MORE


Back to School Events With Teacher Rewards and More…

We in the United States of America are so fortunate to have free education for our young school children.

In honor of all the wonderful teachers everywhere my e-commerce shop  is giving away two 100 Days Brighter boxes to two lucky teachers in the Colorado Springs area as we celebrate Back to School Days at Tantrums Resale in Colorado Springs, Colorado on August 5th, 2018 READ MORE


Learning About Pets at Home and School

Pets are cute and a cuddly and offers children opportunities to learn responsibility and to calm themselves. Most children dream about having a pet of their very own.

My post today will pull together a few of my favorite on line resources for pet lesson plans and free printable work sheets. I will also give you my very favorite resource of where to buy pretend pet products without buying a live pet for the class room. READ MORE