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Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store

Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids May 6 to May 19 2017
Public Event on Facebook Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store
Random drawings. prizes and discount for Heart Felt Play Store for active participants Join event today to recieve event reminder

Do you love it when the kids love learning with dinosaurs?

 Heart Felt Play Store invites you to join Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event May 6 to May 19. Are you always looking ideas for dinosaur games: dinosaur activities or dinosaur party favors? Want to participate as a volunteer to voice your opinion on dinosaur themes for kids? Do you like to little prizes? Sign in for the event today! * Sign in today for the MAY 6 to May 19, 2017 Facebook event: particiate anytime during that 2 weeks period.

Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event  Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store to promote the on-line presence of this msal ‘one grandma owned and operated’ shoppe. Not: stok is limited but growing!

 Join Facebook Event today:

 Invite your child’s pre-shool and kindergarten teachers. No Non-cents Nanna will share links to FREE downloads for dinosaur games and activities: arts and craft ideas: book titles and more through out the 2 weeks time. ( See Pinterest Board Dinosaur Dig ) You will get a Facebook  notice that the event is about to start on May 6th.  No Non-cents Nanna will  offer limited time Store discounts for participants to use or share. This would be a great time to help supply a pre-school teachers class room with some fun incentives or help you plan a dinosaur party on a budget. ( Upcoming Facebook events: Animals: Pirates and Princesses and more…)

 Here’s the deal about Heart Felt Play Store Facebook Events:

A Facebook Event is a fun way to promote No Non-cents Nanna’s tiny one-grandma on-line store. No Non-cents Nanna will listen to your wants and needs for kids activity supplies that you may not have the time to gather up for a lesson or a party.



Dreaming of a Boy and His Dog: Here’s the Reality

Are you dreaming of getting a roly poly puppy for your boy or girl to grow up with and ‘ live happily ever after’?

Visions in our parental heads flash back to famous movie and TV dogs like Lassie; Old Yeller; Rin Tin-Tin; Bethoven. Air Bud. But what we don’t realize is that she dogs we fantasize about with our children are exceptionally trained canines.



Preparing for Public Debute: Amber Service-Dog-in-Training

For a canine to become a service animal it does not just magically happen with a mail order vest. Training for our Amber Service-Dog-in-Training will take an estimated two full years of consistant work..This post will share a few of the pre-trip things on our To-Do-Lists to prepare to take Amber Sevice-dog-in-Training in her major public debut.

Amber Service-Dog-in-Training models her new Service-Dog-In-Training vest we ordered from ( Not and endorsement nor advertisement.)