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The Child’s Job is to Role What They See Us Do -Uh OH!

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Child’s play is the child’s job. Role playing with a few props or dress up clothes is a necessary tool to growing up in good time. The Child will act out ole what they wee us do -Uh OH! Are we demonstrating out best behavior?

Kids watch us parents, grand parents, teachers, doctors, community helpers- then the imitate us…uh oh! I hope we grown ups are setting a good example. Watch your kids and find out….

Fun Stuff You Did Not Know About Heart Felt Play Store

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Now you know what you did not know about the little girls beginning of Heart Felt Play Store …

Welcome to my No Non-cents Nanna blog for this exciting announcement…No Non-cents Nanna’s very first Heart Felt Play Store professional promotional video is premiering…

Nanna would love to hear from your about what you and your children dream of.

What’s the Big Deal About Sensory Play for Kids?

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What’s the Big Deal about Sensory Play? Don’t you need flash cards and expensive toys to be able to enroll your future rocket scientist in the right college when they are 2 years old? (I may or may not be exaggerating.)

If you ask  a dozen people on your block to explain Sensory Play chances are you will get 12 different answers. Why is that? It’s not a secret.

5 Reasons Why Children Need A Toy to Hug

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My personal story…

Why I believe children need to have a toy to hug goes back to when…

…I was very young I could not sleep. I was often cold and hungry.

My parents worked very hard and had little time for the non-sense of a little girl who constantly begged for input.

So I would get out of the bed that I shared with my sister and my dolly, Pinky, in the scary darkness of night.

How to Play the Waiting Game with Kids

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Have you ever sat in a waiting room with wiggling kids with nothing to do?

How many times have you sat in waiting room and sat some more with bored kids?

Personally,  I don’t care to recall how many times we have had to play the Waiting Game. I will guess you have been there and done that too many times too.

A friend of mine was going over the products I sell from my business when a light bulb came on in his head- he has an 11 year old boy-

Before You Spend a Fortune on Halloween Costumes

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Before you spend a fortune on Halloween costumes this year consider putting together your own costumes just for fun and save money.

In this post is my quick no -frills-video i share a few of the items I am boxing up to take to my friend’s local Resale Shop- so my e-commerce store’s close out on my hand crafted items that were on display can be sold at a public place to families who need to go cheap this Halloween.