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On Girls Dreaming of LONG LONG Hair

On Little Girls Dreaming of LONG LONG hair like Rapunzesls.

Decades ago, my 3 year old daughter dreamed of hair vey LONG LONG princess hair. so, she wore a pair of yellow tights on her short fuzzy blonde head.

Don’t laugh!  She was creative, as all children should be encouarged to be!

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When she was 5 she still dreamed of having extremely long hair like princess Rapunzel. I wished I could giver her the untangled hair she fantasized about.



Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine: UGLY Sweaters and Opinions that is!

No Non-cents Nanna made the UGLIEST Sweater EVER! On purpose!

No Non-cents Nanna made the UGLIEST Sweater EVER! On purpose!

Just for fun, and a contest, last year I, the No Non-cents Nanna, made the UGLIEST SWEATER EVER! I did not win the prize. The winner had lights on her pretty sweater. But we all got a good laugh!

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Read my opinion then tell me yours.

Do you recall your grandmother lovingly knitting for hours your Christmas Sweater?