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10 Things You Need to Prepare BEFORE You Build a Website

So you want to build a website to promote your book, product or business.

This post will give you a few ideas on what to think about when begining to think of your own website.

I have friends who have great ideas who are thinking of starting a new business. They have heard that they need a website. They ask, “Where do you begin to open a website? READ MORE


What Renters with Disabilites Need to Know

By law landlords may be required to make reasonable accomodations. But, what does the term reasonable accomodations really mean when a landlord who might rent to someone with a disability? If you have a disability and rent, you have a right to know who to ask for and how you can get assistance to make your home accessible for your needs.

  • The honest answer really opens up Pandora’s Box of more questions and answers than any one can ever expected. Opinions don’t count. But there are laws.containing specific words.  Those words spell out  the “it all depends…” and what is really reasonable is not a one size fits all answer for evey need.

It often takes a team of professionals to evaluate and write a request. Just because some one wants an accomodation or even needs it, does not guarantee a reasonable accomodation will be granted. That can really stink! Plan B or C may need to be initiated. READ MORE


BAH! HUM BUG! BED BUGS Home for Christmas?

Bed Bugs are gross nuisance to deal with even if you add a big red bow. What renters need to know about bed bugs

I know! I tend to be Dickens Scrooge for the holidays! This post is my holiday gift to you. I will share tips and links to  the best of the best information on Bed BUGS wrapped up with a big red bow…the pest issue will still be gross no matter how I wrap the facts on bed bugs.

While most Americans tend to focus on holiday cheer; parties; picking out the perfect Christmas present at the best price with free shipping     (oops! another post) and traveling  home for a White Christmas I lean towards stealing Christmas like Dr Suess’ Grinch with all my SAFETY and prevention posts. READ MORE