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Shop for childrens fun felt shapes at No Non-cents Nanna's Felt Play Store


Heart Felt Play Store to be Vendor in a Local Colorado Springs Store

This old No Non-cents Nanna can hardly contain her excitement about the invitation for her Heart Felt Play Store to be a vendor at newly opened Creative Expressions in Colorado Springs,Colorado is located in suit A101 of the Satellite Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Off Airport and Academy)

Borrowed image of the Satellite Hotel



What’s in YOUR “Swag Bag”? : Tips

What is in your "SWAG BAG?" No Non-cents Nanna tells all.

What is in your “SWAG BAG?” No Non-cents Nanna tells all.

Local events organizers have adopted the name “Swag Bag” to draw in the crowds as a reward for the early bird shoppers. This post will share what Heart Felt Play Store is putting together 250 Swag Bag inserts to be hosted by *Shay No More Advertising, of Colorado, this summer.

If you are still wondering what a “SWAG BAG” is, this is No Non-cents Nanna version: In Hollywood a Swag Bag is the fancy-smancy gift bag of free expensive trips, clothes and keys to a new car that the rich and famous get at the Emmy’s or Oscars in hopes that the companies will get a celebrity endorsement. But….



Confessions of Re-creater: Critter Caps Kids Love!

No Non-cents Nanna is enjoying re-creating baseball caps into dinosaurs and other Critter Caps of the fun kind.

I admit:

  • I was nervous about hot gluing the felt triangles and googly eyes onto the centers of the baseball caps. *Even nibble fingers can get burned. OUCH! The snaggle teeth were a piece of cake, though.
  • I was inspired with the courage to hot glue by a number of Pins on PInterest, but I did my own thing as far as design.
  • Yes, you can DIY yourself for much cheaper than I will charge at local Colorado Springs events and on my Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify, **but do you have the time? ($3.99 plus shipping and any applicable taxes.)

*If you are thinking about kids making this as a craft: I will discourage use of the hot glue gun. In years past I have gotten a few nasty burns with hot glue by dumb accident. Choose another media like paper or foam that regular glue can be used.



Silly Socks Take over Heart Felt Play Store Overnight

Pretend dinosaur legs

Pretend dinosaur legs Just the imagination of No Non-cents Nanna’s head as colorful adult womens socks were shortened to fit kids feet and spikes were sewn into dinosaur spines.

In the early morning hours silly pairs of  dinosaur socks appeared on the catalog of Heart Felt Play Store. Was it by magic? No, it was the Shopify’s  technology used by Heart Felt Play Store. Click image to view on store.

In days of old when No Non-cents Nanna was young, socks were used to keep feet warm and protect our heels from blistering in our shoes. When a well worn sock got a hoe in the heel we might make a sock puppet with one and dust the dresser with the other one.



Why Heart Felt Play Store Prices are Subject to Change

Sewing fancy dress up aprons/ skirts for Heart Felt Play Store.

Sewing fancy dress up aprons/ skirts for Heart Felt Play Store.

Sadly, my favorite store, Hancock Fabrics, is going out of business. The prices on my Heat Felt Play Store hand crafted items I will need to charge my customers will be affected.

As a crafter with a small on line business I thought I had my numbers in order with a cost effective local supplier for my fabrics and notions: Hancock Fabrics. But, now they are closing.



Colorado Springs Families Save the Date for Springs Spree

Mark your calendars and plan to attend Springs Spree in Colorado Springs this coming August 13th and 14th for tons of family fun.

Keep posted about family fun activites on Facebook  click HERE.


Springs Spree

270 S Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Springs Spree will have 500 booths, including my booth, No Non-cents Nanna. I hear tell there will be a entire kids play area at Springs Spree. Stay in touch for more details.



Colorado Springs Craft Fair to Fill Food Pantry with Canned Food

Ahoy Colorado Springs, Colorado and neighbors!

  • On Saturday April 23 from 8 to 2 the No Non-cents Nanna’s HEART FELT PLAY STORE  is just one of 48 vendors who are helping the BOCES school to fill their emergency food pantry. You are invited to come to shop from vendors whose table fees are donated to the food bank.
  • The No Non-cents Nannna, author of this blog, encourages local Colorado Springs families to pay it forward by donating at least one can of food to this event.



HEART FELT PLAY STORE to be Vendor at Spring Fair Colorado Springs

Overload the kids sences with fun paly things with an educational twist from HEART FELT PLAY STORE.

Overload the kids sences with fun paly things with an educational twist from HEART FELT PLAY STORE.

The No Non-cents Nanna is pretty excited as she prepares her HEART FELT PLAY STORE  for one of her favorite fund raising events in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

You are invited to help the 48 vendors fill the food pantry for Pikes Peak BOCES School on April 23, 2016 from 8 to 2

2883 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the fun things you can purchase from the HEART FELT PLAY STORE on April 23rd at the BOCES Spring Fair:. Be warned: many items are limited quantities: will sell out fast.



Sneak Peak at Heart Felt Play Store Theme Collections

Overload the kids senses with fun play things with an educational twist from HEART FELT PLAY STORE.

Overload the kids senses with fun play things with an educational twist from HEART FELT PLAY STORE.

Hi, I’m Malika Bourne, the owner of a new on line store selling cool  stuff for kids that have foundations for learning.

I’m excited you dropped by my No Non-cents Nanna website and blog because…you get a first peak of my actual Heart Felt Play Store Catalog along with an initial list on my fun filled.collections.

New items are added  weekly with aproximately 100 more images and descriptions to be published by the end of May

Heart Felt Collections: Clickable links below

  1. Animals: farm; dinosaurs, jungle
  2. Bugs; lady bugs
  3. Caps, hats, masks
  4. Crafts for kids
  5. Farm
  6. Favorite Pre-school themes
  7. Hearts
  8. Jewelry just for play
  9. Party favor bags and boxes
  10. Pirate Party and Play
  11. Stickers
  12. Transporation 
  13. Hand crafted
  14. Dinosaurs and dinosaur socks.
  15. TBA-to be announced….what theme would you like to select from?

Kids will love the newest products on Heart Felt Play Store.

Updated 5/4/16

All of these include elements of

  • dramatic play; lots of dress up accesories in the making.
  • small motor manipulatives;
  • math,
  • science,
  • imagination,
  • fun,
  • safety and
  • affordability.

Plus I collect more links that will inspire you how to use my fun kid theme products.

Fell free to browse through my blog posts and share with your friends and family by pinning to your favorite boards.

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I have an announcent!

No Non-cents Nanna’s  Heart Felt Play Store is now open for business! YAY!

Heart Felt Play Store will be one of 500 vendors at Colorado Springs Spring Spree. Prices start at 25 cents and on up to only one item at $100. Many items will fit into most kids allowance budget of around $2 so they may experience shopping with their own money.


Click HERE or on this link to see the first 6 pages of my Heart Felt Play Store Catalog. Pages 1 to 4.

What do you think?

  • I photograph and edited all of my own images.
  • I write all of my own descriptions and tag the products.( Ignore the typos, my trademark.) It is a lot of rewarding work and midnight oil.
  • I stil lhave a lot of images and descriptions to add, so, thank you for your patience. ( Oh,yeah! Typos to catch and fix, too!)

Would you like to more about how an online business get started the No Non-cents Nanna way?

I'm Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

PS:What do you think about FREE shipping? 
LIKE No Non-cents Nanna on Facebook to find discount code for free shipping on orders over $20.
Should you not be able to find the CODE: simply PM me on my No Non-cents Nanna 
business page to request.

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Sneak Peak List of Heart Felt Play Store Products.

No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Plays Store for dramtic play; dressup; party favors ;fun small motor manipulative collections and more!

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Plays Store for dramtic play; dressup; party favors ;fun small motor manipulative collections and more!

When ever I do local events in Colorado Springs my customers ask me for a brochure of all my  Heart Felt Play Store products.
Ooops! I've been so busy creativing that I not kept up on  an alpphbetical list of sensory, dramatic play, craft, fun items for kids. 
Now here is a list of what I hand crafted and resale manufactured in alphabetical order.  

Hang on to your hats, Heart Felt Play Store will open this week end. 

Keep in touch for No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store Grand Opening announcement. 

List of Heart Felt Play Store Products ( Inventory list  not complete, yet.)

adhesive foam stickers

boat stickers
boxes, gift
balloon stickers

car stickers
carrot bags,cello
clothes pins.
Christmas tree, felt
Cozy Chemo Caps
checkered flags
cup cakes bags
cup cake stickers

dinosaur eggs
dinosaur cello bags
dinosaur, masks
dinosaur, vinyl
dinosaur, skeletons
dinosaur, notepads
DIY crafts

Eggs, plastic
eye patch, pirate
eyes, wiggle

farm animal figure, vinyl
farm animal masks
farm animal craft
farm box, barn
feathers, turkey
felt, finger puppet
felt, hand puppets
felt, poodle skirts
felt shapes
favors, party

germ tattoos
germ blow ups
gift bags
gold coins, plastic

hair garland, felt, fleece
hand puppets, felt
hats, pirate
hats, tea party
hats, Cozy Chemo Cap
head garland, felt, fleece 
heart jewelry, novelty
heart necklace
heart rings, plastic
heart shapes
heart stickers


jewels, stick-on
jewelery, novelty


lacing needles, shade plastic
lacing string
lady bugs
lady bug necklace, diy
lady bug note pads
lady bug wings, hand crafted felt

Masks, animal, dinosaur
monkey, hand puppets
monkey, felt finger play
money, play, foam sticker coins, 
money, play foam stickers bills
money note pads, $100 bill
monster, tattoos
monster craft activity bags

necklace, novelty, diy
novel games, carnival prizes, toys


party favors,
party, hats
pigs, felt
pink ribbon stickers


race car checkered flag
reptile foam stickers
rings, heart, pirate, skull
star shapes, felt, foam sticker
sticker scene, dinosaur, pirate, tea party
sticker rolls
stencils, snow flakes
sequin feather eye patch

tattoos, temporary
  dinosaur, germ, lady bug, monster, pirate, race car
tea party, hat, notepad, stickers

telescope, plastic pirate
transportation foam stickers
transportation, felt road set
treasure chest large plastic
treasure chest cardboard treat box, pirate
treasure chest cardboard treat box, pirate
treasure map, pirate

tree, hand crafted felt
tree, felt Christmas tree w/ shapes
treat bags
treat boxes


visors, foam animal

wax craft sticks

wiggle eyes