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How My Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ part 2

This post is part two of How ‘My’ Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ by Malika Bourne.

A decade ago, I sheepishly admit that I lacked the skills to grasp the concept that some people are so sociopathic that most of what is uttered out of their mouths is a lie with the purpose of manipulating others for their own amusement. Worse yet, they have no remorse for the harm they cause by playing their sick games.

There! I said it!

[In part one of  How My Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ I gave petty examples of people I have known who are pathological liars and what I learned to look out for in the next liar. ]

I have diligently worked to solve the puzzle as to why I have fallen prey to con -artists found in what I thought were safe places. Man I was so naïvely lost in the dark reality of real life. it turns out that I am not the first, the last, nor am I the only one to be preyed upon by a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

For most of my life I ignored my gut feeling under the manipulated notion of being “obedient to God,” “Submissive to the Word of the Lord.”

Sound familiar?

You might wonder why give the impression that blind obedience is not a good habit/ pattern of behavior. I hope you can put together the puzzle pieces you need to decide is living under the power and control of a dictator is the best life for you or not.

For decades I was making a big mistake to follow orders from false prophets. Some of my pseudo-spiritual experience involves a novel I wrote ‘inspired‘ by a woman whom I thought was my closets and dearest most trust worth friend. This post is part tow of a series where I give you clues via snippets of my published novel to see if you can recognize a toxic/ dangerous pattern of behavior in the fictional character, Grace.

After fact of moving 1,000 miles away from my friend’s secret abuse, I began boosting my knowledge of psychology then analyzing the patterns of behavior in the novel [snippets of chapter’s below] I wrote under the direction of my former friend. [Spoiler”: The book written a fiction is about how grandiose she secretly is.]

Man, did I feel stupid!


Author’s Introduction to the Purpose of This Post

Feel free to skip this part and read the Chapter Snippets of The Secrets of the Unwritten Book by Malika Bourne

  • Can you spot a liar? Can you spot a fraud, a flimflam, a con?
  • How can you separate fact from fiction?
  • Who is telling the truth and nothing but the truth?
  • Have you been the victim of a false prophet?
  • Have you been loved bombed by a narcissist?
  • Have you been told you have had a spiritual awakening?
  • Are you WOKE? (In the political sense? In Millennial slang? In a religious cult group? Are you familiar with QAnon?)

Once you know the predictable patterns of behavior you will know what to look for.

[At the end of part 2 I ask you question to think about. You may choose to read the question before or after you read these few snippets of chapters of The Secrets of the Unwritten Book published in 2010 – I am the author who wove the words as fiction. I own the copyright. All rights are reserved.]

I don’t know about you in real life – I admit that I had no clue that by faith I was being used and abused. If I dared to complain I was told that I was being ‘spiritually tested” or “protected” or “battling evil”. * I escaped with PTSD. Just because I was duped, does not mean you have believed lies by a charismatic leader.

Feel free to skip the introduction part and straight to the quotes below from Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart: Bourne, Malika, Rose, Grace: 9781929919284: Books

It is true, not fiction, that I naively believed more than one sugar-coated falsehood from a person claiming to be the only prophet chosen of somebody’s God to share the spiritual secrets from their God to a select few believers and prepare them for the Kingdom in this new Milennium. So did the character Anna/Malika She seriously fell into the delusion of another narcissist. And I do have an above average IQ plus common sense- I mean the character Anna falls into the grandiose mento’s delusion and she is no dummy.

In 2020 and 2021 does this all sound too familiar?

It should ring a bell with more innocent victims. Countless god-fearing good people have fallen for a Big Lie, in my opinion, but have not figured it out, yet that the pandemic is not a hoax, and the 45th US President is a Lame Duck.

Is there a connection between 2020 and my point of being taking for a toxic ride on a psychic fraud’s magical merry-go-round? yes, there is. The factual details are very different. However, the patterns of behavior or the key characters have personality traits most common with those people who have narcissistic personality disorders. and their supply of victims.

The same controlling techniques have been used on those who believe in the conspiracy theories the 2020 election was rigged. Once identified toxic/ dangerous patterns of behavior are just as predictable a Pavlov’s dogs salivating.

This post is not about the COVID pandemic, conspiracy theories, the social media posts from the 45th President or the United States, nor is it about the Insurrection and the Storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. It is purely coincidence that the patterns of behavior, and consequences of the toxicity parallels to my works of fiction published over ten years ago… [The Secrets of the Unwritten Book and upcoming sequel novel. A World Disconnected.]

Note: I don’t want to convince you what to believe about the hellish events of 2020. 2021 is not even half over, yet. We all have a mature responsibility to carefully consider the sources on predictions of how the years will turn out. I don’t know cause I’m not psychic. moreover, professional analysts, are capable of calculating reasonable predictions with know facts.

If you need a refresher of 202o I will provide some clickable links to help you. I encourage you to think. Yes, use critical thinking as you read my excerpts of my book, keeping in mind that you are looking to find toxic patterns of behavior in the snippets from my novel. Dangerous leaders do not want their followers to ‘think”. Toxic leaders want followers who will not question – only to be blindly lead. This was the setting in the delusional script aka perfectly balanced with love-light allegorical heaven where the act of thinking was forbidden. [Gag!]

Sure, I felt something in my gut, as I was taught how to ‘”turn within to talk to the Creator“.  Just I was taught how to intercede with prayer against evil, and how to speak in tongues in my last cultish experience that I escaped from.

But I was always trying to be polite so much so that I dismissed the fact that I was being set up to be used and abused when I was told that it was my destiny to write my former best friends secrets in a novel. The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. Yes, I was obeying commands to submit and obey the shepherd like a good sheep. What good Christian does not think this way?

[The shaming buzzword in 2020 was, “Don’t be a sheeple.“]

The purpose of (co)-authoring this book as fiction was to tell the story about the Creator of an allegorical Universe and the War between Good and evil. According to my former best friend who step by step revealed her version of a her god’s plan that had been foretold in the Bible book of Revelations according to Justin Palm writer for Beyond Today 

The purpose of that damned fictional book (roughly based on my toxic mentor and me) was to wake the 144,000 angels on a heavenly mission to fictional planet – it was time to bring them home to an allegorical heaven, Lamoria, before the fictional planet was destroyed Armageddon style. [Spoiler: The need to destroy evil was all my the character Anna’s fault, I was told.]


Does this smell like an overload of manure somewhere in here?

It should. Parts of the fictional are autobiographical slipped in with plagiarized religious myths dictated by a person who had a heavenly secret to tell the world…and I – I mean it was the fault of character Anna aka Queen Malika who naively obeyed her every whim I mean submitted to the Angelic Plan to fix her failure to do her job.

[No need to keep these characters straight…It is so enterically complicated that even I had a difficult time separating fact from fiction. That is what helps the scam artists fulfill their sinister plans… they overwhelm the victim witnesses to distraction.]

I am ready to publicly admit that I fell for the false prophesies of a woman who claimed to talk to the angels. You had to be there. The next best position in the here and now is to read the whole book, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book.

I fell for the over-inflated grandeur of a psychic actress who have me do all of her marketing for her cult, by writing and marketing this book. I merrily glorified her ‘untruths’ which she gave me for free – I was so special. She charged other victims  clients $20 for a half hour reading for vague messages from the angles. When they were gone- she laughed about telling them bullshit.

I have no idea of how many people that read the book fell into the delusion as well. They believed the lie that they had gotten WOKE, too. Therefore, I have been carefully working on a sequel to undo any damage by The Secrets by writing A World Disconnected. Yes, this is pre-publication self-promotion as well as my tips on waking up to the fact that there are far too my shysters in the world. Take what you want and leave the rest. I am not a counselor nor a psychologist.  My writing is for entertainment, only.

The ‘angelic messenger’ said that she had tried to wake others, but they rejected her after they refused to do the work for the Creator.

She also claimed that I was a heavenly being whom she and my heavenly mate had been waiting for me to wake. It was my destiny, according to the psychic, that I assist her (my sister, a Queen in the Kingdom of Lamoria) in finding those who had been spies for the Kingdom of the Creator. They were to be woke while we still lived in the Fourth Dimension when the time was right.

[I made the words Fourth Dimension clickable for you. Now you have the advantage of putting together something that I should have questioned more.]

These are clips of paragraphs from The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of A Planet (first printing.) And (2nd printing) The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart. I am not sharing the entire book.

Both editions with two different publishers are for sale on Amazon and several other blook sellers. However, please note that I make absolutely no royalties currently. I had personal reasons to pull this frictional work from distribution.   In the near future, after get the legal ducks in a row and I complete the sequel with greater care than I did with The Secrets of the Unwritten Book, I will re-release it to hopefully make a few bucks in royalties, then.


Chapter Snippets Begin Here


The Secrets of the Unwritten Book chapter 12 page 113

This was to be the first awakening. She [Grace] began to come into being
Mika, but did not know it yet.
Grace, now having an awareness of herself, decided to continue
her education. She had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, so she
completed college with three master’s degrees. She was very creative
and had a zest for everything that she did.
After ten years of marriage, Grace finds herself having been divorced and living alone in a charming bungalow.

She is a social worker for social service agency.

They call her ‘the miracle worker’. Everyone wants to be her client as she is able to assist her clients in miraculous ways.

She had an uncanny way of making each individual feel as if they were the most special person that she worked with….

page 115

Later in time…
One of Grace’s many accomplishments lead her to a teaching job
at a local high school. Her class was a group of special education
It was an ordinary day while she was working on her reports,
when a shy student named Lyle, approached her. He had distinctive
eyes, ivory skin and was small for his age.
Lyle spoke in a soft voice, “Hello, my name is Lyle. I have a gift
and I am able to talk to the angels and other beings of light. I have
something to tell you about yourself.”
Bewildered, Grace retorted, “I don’t know what you mean.”
Lyle began telling her that he knew many things about her. He told
her that she was “a true seeker and had turned within, seeking for a
long time
Lyle laughed with a twinkle in his eye. “You also believe in things
you cannot see as opposed to those you can see.”
Grace was enchanted by the vibration of truth in his voice, but
also became somewhat guarded. As Lyle continued to penetrate her
with his celestial blue eyes, she asked. “Who are you?

I don’t understand how you know all this about me.”
Lyle remained calm and asked if they could go somewhere to talk.
Hesitantly she agrees, finding herself driving to a small café, called
‘Passing Time’.
Once seated, she was filled with trepidation and ambivalence
reigned supreme. He proceeded to tell her all about her background
with both of her parents, and he spoke of her relationship with her
current husband. He talked about her relationship with the Creator
and understanding of how things worked regarding energy.

She began to get the feeling that he was a messenger from another planet or
a celestial like realm.
She felt that he carried a great many truths; truths that many great
masters and sages who once walked in the Fourth Dimension held.
But, he appeared to be only sixteen- or seventeen-year-old; a little
guru, perhaps?
She asked, “How can you do this?”


One week later in time and the light came down…

Lyle taught Grace to channel. She caught on very quickly, beginning actively to use her new gift, ‘the voice’.
Grace is now able to channel the Arch Angel Michael, who gives the
following information.
“I am Michael! I will teach you about the planet you live on. [Dirty Green Planet, MYLANTRA] They
don’t pay attention to love. They simply use their crystals to destroy
the light. They go around and around about love. They cannot get
peace or bliss. It is impossible as long as they think.

“The act of thinking is an instrument filled with sickles and knives.
needles and pins. Those who live in higher intelligence are those in higher light; we call ourselves Lamorians. Instead of thinking we are able
to telepathically communicate to beings of light on the green planet in
the Fourth Dimension. Some are angels, while others are Leprechauns,
fairies, pixies and elves to name a few of the sects of Lamorians.”

“To have total knowing, which is what Lamorians have, makes it
possible to see into the future. There is no fear in knowing with certainty. You have complete knowledge about all universes, galaxies, and creations in light.”

Those that think, have major equipment in their faces and the top of the craniums. This makes them radios in the sun, as they take power over the Light. There is no joy on the planet that we call ‘Planet Dirt’.”
“The sun is everything to the humanoids. They communicate to…

page 120
…forms of life down under called ‘pods’. The sun is what gives the creatures in the pods the ability to radio into humanoids on the planet. Mylantra has to be destroyed!”

Grace listened carefully to every word Michael said.
She then exclaims, “What? What did you say?”
She is in disbelief about equipment in the faces and craniums …


Meanwhile in Lamoria… page 123

In Lamoria groups of giants are gathered in the marketplace discussing the impossible mission.

“It is so wonderful watching Queen Mika and King Abba together
again. (Grace and Dutch) They are so creative, as we know they are. They are so happy
blowing up so many colors of balloons, all day, in time. It is a brilliant
“Did you hear that there was yet another newspaper article about
them? They are very well known, but humanoids do not have a hint
of who they really are in the scheme of the universe. This is a brilliant
trick to collect notes. Their disguises are working well.”

“Yes, I hear news from the ships that the machines are collecting
notes like never before. This is so exciting to the mission!”


The Secrets of the Unwritten Book


No one on the planet knows about the invisible equipment that humanoids have in their bodies.

[Anna’s] Lamorian essence is still asleep inside a humanoid body. So, she is unaware
that the Mylantran inhabitants are nothing, but evil machines programmed to search and destroy Anna the machine.

That fact is not known to the Mylantrans themselves.

They see themselves much differently than they really are.
The machine is oblivious and naïve to whom she really is. She
does hear Angelo (Malika’s mate) as he constantly whispers into her (Anna) as he had promised.

She (Anna) does not understand why she seems to know things in her
head and cannot explain the meanings to her dreams. Nor will she
understand how or why she knew people around her would die, or
floods and tornadoes would destroy people’s homes. Strange things
happened to people who weren’t too nice to Anna.

She did not understand the significance of many things.
She has not yet begun to fit any of the pieces of an intricate puzzle…

(Queen Malika is sort of Anna’s alter-ego who essence sleeps in a glass -coffin while her cloned machine does all the dirty work. TMI?)

Author’s Note: Part three of this series will give you more insight on the protagonist, Anna Baker. Hint: she is the opposite of the character Grace aka Queen Mika.

Page 126

And so the two queens returned to their lives on the Planet Dirt.
Grace awakening with ‘the voice’, and still looking for the one with
the golden heart.
“Dutch, you were so rude. That is not like you. You always have a
way to make everyone feel so special.”

Later in time…
Grace and Dutch lived with ‘the voice’. [No, not the long running TV hit, The Voice.]

They had all sorts of questions and all Grace had to do was ask a question and she would receive an answer.

There was no thinking involved. She just knew that
she would receive a telepathic answer and she would speak it aloud.
Dutch was always saying, “Grace, ask them about this question…”
His quest for knowledge was unstoppable.
One day when Dutch was very ill, Grace asked Michael if Dutch
was going to pass into the light.
Michael replied, “Yes, but I will not tell you when. He will have a
peaceful passing. He will return home and get his powers back.”
Grace did not understand how big this phenomenon was to be.

Back on the dirty green planet…
It was a quiet and uneventful day. Grace was content with the
business and way too busy.
Dutch would say, “Grace, slow down! It just doesn’t matter!”
Out of the blue Dutch takes Grace in his now very skinny arms to
passionately and slowly kiss her.
“I love you forever and always. My love for you is beyond the
Grace thinks, “That was better than nice. What was that all
Dutch turns and slowly walks up the stairs to take a nap in the big brass bed.

Nonchalantly, he lies down and goes to sleep. His arms
were crossed over his chest. He smiles: a peaceful and knowing look
on his face. He sleeps and quietly passes into the light.


page 131

Chapter Fifteen
Listen to your heart and you will find truth in all things.—Grace

Grace is teaching classes through the community college called ‘Becoming a Psychic’.

Her bungalow is just the right for an intimate setting and is able to accommodate up to twenty-five students.
The students in her classes are always awestruck at her wisdom and
knowledge. As a bonus the students would also gain a great deal of
growth in self-esteem.

The classes flowed like a gentle river.

Students were free to ask questions relevant to the subject and they were able to receive channeling through Grace about themselves after class.

The last group that Grace was to mentor was proven to be quite different and life altering.


…your nemesis, Medea! We succeeded in tricking him to believe that he was an angel named Layla.

We captured the King of Communion during infancy, but you will still have to be

We are sorry that we did not tell you before now, and we
know that we will be punished.”
Grace was stunned. She had a house full of students who expected
to be taught.
“Alright everyone, I apologize for the disruptions. I believe that
the distraction has been taken care of. I’ll see you all next week.

Be prepared to put into practice what you have learned so far.

Remember to turn within to find out who you are.”
Grace holds the door for the last students who were still holding
their sides from laughter. She not only forgets to lock the door but
does not get it closed all the way.

She is distracted by a burning sensation under her arm.
page 135
“What is this? My arm is all red? It burns!”
Grace turns within seeking help. The channel was empty. She got
no response. ‘They’, the angels, were hiding and she did not know
On the Lamoria Angel ship…
Michael is frantic.
“They found her on the matrix. I did not get an adequate protective ray down on my mother’s machine. It is only a machine, so we will be able to collect great volumes of notes. We will fool the dark side into thinking that they took her down. This is a necessary trick for the success of the mission.”

Copy right Malika Bourne all right reserved.

…end of part two…



From these clips what words can you use to describe the persona of Grace?

…to be continued with part 3 by 6/1/2021…



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A World Disconnected: In the Beginning

This No Non-cents Nanna post is the background for the beginning of my upcoming psychothriller A World Disconnected. Follow the inner workings of this author’s mind during the creating unwritten pages into A World Disconnected

A World Disconnected is a to-be-published sequel to my first novel The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. The truth is rather on the crazy side. I will explain some of the many secrets behind that first novel and why I have to write a sequel to undo the damage of the first book.

In the beginning, when I wrote the first edition of my novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book, I did it all wrong. So, I republished changing the title somewhat, and I still did things wrong.

It was my former friend, Grace’s story, but I wove every word into some semblance of fiction and made the typo’s all on my own about an angelic channeller who found her angelic sister. They had a Heavenly mission to learn about evil, destroy a planet then go home to heaven, a planet called Lamoria. (I  spelled it wrong, but, I will reveal that secret some time in a later post.)

I was warned about publishing with a co-author’s name. If the friendship ended there would be legal issues with royalties. The angels would NOT hear of that. (That was another biggie that I did wrong.)


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

With so many mistakes and the fact that the book was in reality how I, the character named Anna Baker, fell into the delusions of a con woman. There, I told a secret that took me far too long to figure out. (I am embarrassed to admit that I fell into the delusions of a narcissist.) It was difficult for even me to sort the truth from the lies I believed in this fictional book.

Are you confused, yet? Maybe not as confused as I was in real life during the time I wove the words to a book My so-called-friend seduced me to believe it was my destiny to write in order to gather the Biblical 144 thousand for the end of the world. (This is a common trick for many cult leaders to claim.)

My reviewers and readers couldn’t relate to poor Anna Baker or even her alter-ego Malika the Queen of Discipline, but man oh man, did they fall for her loving mate, An-gelo the King of the Sultan who she longed to get back to in an allegorical Heaven. (I have to fan my face for just thinking of the sexy lover that inspired readers to want to know who their mate is in heaven.)

I thought the publisher wrote the blurbs and the bios for the author. Oh, wait…I self-published twice. That means I hired someone to typeset and print and pay for all the copies of the book myself. No advances. I wrote every word of the book based on my former friendship with an angelic channeller…cough cough con woman.

Crap, the angels told Grace that we get half a million in advances.


Here is the blurb I quickly wrote as it appears on both first and 2nd editions on

The marketplace of Lamoria is busy with those who wish to barter, dance to the Leprechauns’ dueling fiddles or splash in the colorful fountain with the cherubs, fairies and gypsies. Friends are keepers of magic and dreams. Lovers made for each other share endless romance. Who knew the unexpected could throw a peaceful loving world into an unseen war with the dark planet Mylantra? The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart is full of the unexpected. The ordinary is taken to the extreme.

Have you ever wondered what secrets the universe holds?

Do you ever question your purpose for being on the planet where you live? Have you ever wondered what if you were really someone in the wrong body? What if you had no memory of who you were or where you came from? What if you were awakened to the facts that your entire life had been a collection of notes about the universe? Every chapter of your life was actually a carefully monitored, woven tapestry- puzzle written inside of a magical book that had existed for eons? What if you learn your destiny is to re-write secrets in a book that is unwritten in time?

Co-authors Malika Bourne and Grace Rose invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Are the secrets revealed in The Secrets of the Unwritten Book fact or fiction? What does your heart know?


Another secret behind the writing of the “damn book” is that when I started receiving rejection letters from real publishers, Grace noted that I had misspelled the word query. Well, you’d think that for a woman who talked to angels who told us I had to write this book, you’d think that they would have told Grace to at least edit for typos’. Nope. The angels would not let Her lift a finger.


In the coming posts, I will write about the dynamics( patterns of behaviors) of toxic relationships and how easily anyone can fall into the delusions of a cult leader. I have had to do a lot of research to figure out what was wrong with the relationships of the two main characters in the book and in real life.  When things did not go well with book publishers and not making the Best Seller List the day the books were published, the angels got angry.

When I write angry I mean – really mean. I was suffering from unexplained injuries including permanent nerve damage to my face. My apartment manager had to change the locks on my door. I eventually had to move out of state in order for the angels to not find me. (I told you the secrets behind the first novel are on the “crazy” side.)


To keep this post short, I took The Secrets of the Unwritten Book out of distribution. Oh, you can still buy it on but, I will not collect any royalties. (I may change that in the future.) I may post some chapter blurbs from The Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart to form a bridge between the two novels: A World Disconnected.

A World Disconnected on Facebook: @AWorldDisconnectedAuthor 

Follow along with the work in progress as author Malika Bourne creates the sequel novel to The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. Keep in touch to find out how you can help this typo queen do early proofreading on chapters. I won’t be making that mistake again. ( No helpful proofreaders for the first books.)


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, “Make good choices and learn from our mistakes.”


No Non-cents Nanna is Back

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No Non-cents Nanna is Back

No Non-cents Nanna is back thanks to my tech support The Edge of Eternity Networks.

Sometime way back in April of 2020, (you know what I’m talking about ) as if we did not have enough trials and tribulations, I had troubles saving and editing my very long posts about COVID-19 and churches that abuse.

My tech support did everything he could…then… POOF!

Eight years of typo’s vanished in a puff of 2020 cyberspace.

Today, November 28, 2020, my No Non-cents Nanna blog was fully recovered. My words are back online for the world to read thanks to The Edge of Eternity. my tech support.

Powered by

FYI No Non-cents Nanna is now monetized at this time I make no money. In fact, there are expenses to running a blog and keeping up with my domain names. I write for the joy of expressing myself. Any and all prophet goes to TEOE for expenses.

What bothered me the most about my pages disappearing was that I had hurriedly hidden my work in progress novel chapters in unpublished documents within my No Non-cents Nanna blog.

The short version of that story is that I bought a defective new laptop and I have to replace my printer. (Yes, I do have a flash drive, but I was still writing rough drafts)

Below is the cover of the 2nd edition of my first novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. Of the co-authors, I am the one who wove the words and made all the typos.

Malika Bourne is the primary author of The Secrets of the Unwritten Book

Within a year of self-publication, I felt that I needed to undo the delusion that the book might “inspire” vulnerable readers who may wish to receive angelic messages. I took the book out of distribution, but, it is still for sale on 

Whoever has the books in their warehouse hopefully will recoup any expenses from storing the books that I paid to have published and printed. ( Most authors nowadays self publish.) This is because I took the book out of the cycle so that I di not have to split royalties with the alleged co-author when I took on the entire effort and expenses. (How is that for a blunt lesson learned the hard way?)

Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart

Book by Malika Bourne inspired by Grace Rose
Secrets of the Unwritten Book: Fate of the Golden Heart

The market place of Lamoria is busy with those who wish to barter, dance to the Leprechauns’ dueling fiddles or splash in the colorful fountain with the cherubs, fairies and gypsies. Friends are keepers of magic and dreams. Lovers made for each other share endless romance. Who knew the unexpected could throw a peaceful loving world into an unseen war …


To undo the “angelic delusion” of speaking to guardian angels angle I had to think long and hard not only to intertwine the secrets in that somewhat fictional novel but how to educate others on being conned by a narcissist. My problem was that I had promised not to reveal any secrets.

A World Disconnected was born in my head and my defective laptop.


Join me on Facebook where I share the inner working of this author’s mind. @AWorldDisconnectedAuthor



It is so good to be BACK!
As I always said, “Make good choices.”
Malika Bourne

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